Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Think of me when you are happy,
Keep for me one little spot;
In the depths of thine affection,
Plant a sweet forget-me-knot.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A letter to the President

The picture above is not really important....... the letter below is!!!***grin*

Let me explain:
This past Monday when I was on my way to the Post Office my daughter Becca asked me to mail a letter for her. I looked at the address and it caught my attention... it was for the white house...FOR THE PRESIDENT !
I asked my daughter what did she write and if I could read it first but she replied:

" Oh momma , don't worry ... my spelling was fine ... I typed it and there were no running on sentences.... I just want to share some of my rights with the President"

Well, today ((( we))) found Becca's letter and I almost died laughing.... I just had to share it.
I hope someone at the whitehouse will laugh too!!!*smiles*

Dear mr. president, FEB-6-20
My name is Rebecca Cabrera and Im 11 years old.This letter is to tell you how I think some things sould be. First of all,one day I was with my dad in floridia and I went to this hotel. For me and two of my brothers (pluse my dad) it cost over 200 dollers. just for one night,but thats not all that was just sleeping, the food was like 10 dollers for a egg with toast. Also you know doller tree the store,well I think it should have no taxes,it is called doller tree. So I hope that you can awnser me back.And make these changes.
Rebecca Cabrera

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sparrow Song

Sparrow Song
By Kate Cabrera 2011

In lofty height,
This bitty knight
With downy armor flies-
To grace the wind's
Unchartered bends
And give the world delight.
For heaven's prize,
To naked eyes
Is all the shining heav'ns-
And part of this
Unmeasured bliss,
Rests balanced in the skies.

Although this is my "drawing" blog, i decide to share this little bird that I made here instead of my miniature blog. This was a commisioned work . This little fellow is ready to *fly* to meet his owner.*grin*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the sky....

Picture credit: Becca Cabrera 2011

I thought this was a very perfect picture to share with you this fine day. My sweet daughter , Becca, took this picture last week when she was with dad driving on their way back from Miami.

Have a blessed evening!*grin*

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