Saturday, June 16, 2012

Making churn butter from fresh cows cream


 Me milking Hershey! *grin*

One of my most pleasure when comes to processing Hershey's milk ,is  to make fresh churn butter. 
The butter is so nutritious  naturally colored and tastes nothing like  store bought butter.

Here is a quick  way I  can show you how I make our butter.
The picture above shows the cream that I have already separated from the milk and it is very cold after couple days in the fridge

 Here you can see how thick the cream is.

One can make butter using a electric or manual churner.... but I will tell you this, I can taste the difference when I use my hand churn.... it is ...mmm... heavenly!

 Churning  takes time... nothing like things of now days...grin.... but it is wonderful to see the separation from the whey  and the butter been formed

It is done. you can see the butter already, can't you?grin

 Now I drain the whey and rinse the butter with cold water... then I add salt.

 Most of the time I press  the butter into  my butter molds. I collect these molds  as i adore the different designs... I have made some from pottery too.

But today I did not press as we were ready  to eat it!*grin*

 I hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful skin ....naturally!

                                                  How  to slow the aging process in our  skin?

It has been  a while  that I want to write few posts about  natural health , food choices and skin care.
My entire life has been focused on eating  well , meaning, making choices that are as much as possible good for my body. I grow up in a farm land in Brazil and  pretty much all I ate came from the land. I  learned  a lot by watching my mom making good choices and later in my adult life, these were also my choices for most of the time.
when I turned 30 , I became very conscious about my skin  more than ever.... I think was the number 'thirty' that scared me a little bit,grin, but it was good for me because my habits began to change. That was 12 years ago.
I have always loved make up but  not too much that takes way the "natural " look, just enough to  bring up what I already have. One of the most important rule is  to NEVER sleep with the make up on.
When you are sleeping  , normally a long period of hours , it is important to have the right care and these are the steps that I have been doing for about 12 years now and I love how my skin looks and feels.

Morning and Night:

remove any make up . I use baby oil with cotton balls .( for the night purpose)
turn on the water in a warm setting.... start washing my face with the water only. This process allows your skin to open its porous.
I then wash my face with goats milk and emu oil soap . I sell them HERE , but you can buy online many other natural soaps that are good for your type skin.
Rinse the soap with cool water. This closes the porous.
Apply a good moisturizer cream . 

Face cream:

One does NOT have to spend a fortune on face cream. you can even make your own and keep in your fridge.  If you are not able to, choose naturally made  verses expensive brands. 
look for ingredients like ;
vitamin E--an antioxidant known as tocopherol,
Honey  , a natural cleanser and helps tight the skin,
Oils such as grape seed oil, emu oil are the top on my list

 and less than 1% of preservatives. 

Once a week  at least do a mask.  One of my favorite mask is  the egg white. That is all that takes - eggs whites.

 If  you can  buy a farm raise eggs - great  but, if is not available  one from the store is fine.

crack the egg and separate the yoke . If you have oily skin , save the yoke and use the same way  "after" the egg whites.

start by betting the whites just a little bit.
using your fingers , apply to your CLEAN face.
' do NOT' apply on your eye area.
leave it  for about 10 minutes .
You will experience something you never did before,lol, your face start to tight  as the whites dries.
Wash your face like  I said in the beginning of this post.

Apply the face cream or go to the honey process for best results.Or if you have oily skin do the same thing using the yoke only now then do the honey and finish with the cream.

Honey mask:

All you need is honey, preferable , local honey if you are able to buy otherwise, store bought is fine.

Lightly  , warm the honey  in the microwave.
Apply the honey using your fingers .Don't forget to avoid the eye area.
leave it  10 to 15 minutes.
Rinse as I described above.

 You will feel like a princess  or a queen!!!*grin*
I love how the skin feels clean and tight. the benefits are not only the one that you feel immediately but the ones that shows over the years if you maintain good habits like this with your skin.

No matter what age you are , of course I am talking about  people over 21 , ( under that age there is no need  for masks but the washing process is a good habit to have at early age)  you can start taking care of your skin.

ps. One egg white will be enough for 5 people or more . I normally do on my husband's face , mine , and some of my  girls...
This is  so silly  but I hate waste ....even an egg...LOL.... I have asked some of the teens boys  to try but the  refuses even seen their dad doing , grin.

Enjoy and  feel free to ask me questions, if any ,:)


  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 
                                                                                                                                    Jeremiah 29:11

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