Friday, July 30, 2010

Sketch~ feeding chickens

" chip,, chip, chip ... here chickens...chip ...chip ...chip"
Not a long ago, I decided to change my eating habits and decide to eliminate most meats intake. I do eat fish if is freshly caught and a little bit of venison. The funny thing is that I no longer look at chickens as food as once I did....*grin*
I did this quick sketch because i was thinking of my own childhood.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Diamond Story

(What I am about to tell you is a real story however because it happened with my own family, I will avoid names)
Few weeks ago I was holding a diamond in my hands. It was a *fake* one ,but beautiful any way. As I was wrapping this *precious* stone to send to a dear friend of mine, as a friendship gift, when a *real* story came back to my mind.

I need to give you a little background information or you will be lost . I was raised mostly in a farmland in Brazil, my maternal side of family still lives there and there is were this story took its place.

My grandparents were Christians and they taught their children to love and fear God from young age. One of them, my uncle loved the Lord and served his days practicing his Christianity in many forms but some how , he became “lost” in disbelieve. He walked way from God and with many questions in his mind and heart , he isolated himself from loved ones and the world.

One day , a stranger came to his farm . He knocked at his door and asked for a glass of water. This strange man was in his mid -twenties . He introduced himself, lets call him Peter, and asked my uncle permission to gather under a tree near a river that was part of my uncle’s property. Let me interrupt my self to describe this place a little bit so you can understand *why* would some one ask this.

In Northeastern of Bahia, Brazil, the land is very dry… almost a desert . Rain is something very special for the people that lives there. Nothing grows well unless one has the financial meanings to artificial irrigation. It is a true bless to live by the river. My uncle was and is a blessed man.

Uncle asked him why was he gathering and Peter explain that he was a man of God and he want to bring the Good News to others. Uncle was not willing at first but somehow he agreed. Sunday came and so did Peter and a small group. I don’t remember how many but I think was 2 or 3, only. They stopped by to greed my lonely uncle and invited him to join them but he said “no -thank you.”
The tree is called IMBUZEIRO (Spondia tuberosa) it means “water to drink” and when as a mature tree it produces its fruit ( one of my favorites,grin, imbu) and this tree gives a cool shade. Uncle has an old imbuzeiro near the edge of the river. Just perfect. ( I remember as a kid climbing these trees, grin)

A week pass and Peter came back. He again asked my uncle if he could gather once more, and the same thing happened for the few next weeks however it was the seventh week, as Peter would continually ask permission and invite my uncle to join them (and he never did)that my uncle told Peter that he had a question for him.

He them asked:

Peter, as God is the creator of all things , how do you explain the existence of a diamond as scientists claims that diamonds are as old as 3 billion year and according to the bible the universe is only 6000 years old?

Peter listened to the question and humbly told uncle that he needed to think and look for answer in the Scriptures. He told uncle that he would come back with the answer soon.

It was a week later when my uncle was sitting at his porch when he spotted a man walking in his direction. That was Peter, the young preacher, he thought. He was curious to hear what Peter had to say.Peter greeted uncle and after having a tall glass of water , after all -the walk was a long one under that hot sun, he said to my uncle:

I look into the the Word of God and I pray a lot about before the Lord sent me the answer ,continue Peter, YOU answered that question when you asked me. God created all things . He created all things including the new and old. When God made the diamonds he made it old as it is and always will be .He had the power to do so and that is what He did.

My uncle was shocked and this hit him right in the center of his heart. As he watched this young man (for the last time in his life),in a clean but very worn pants and shirt with a small tie and flip-flops ( that was his best clothes) walked way. He felt in his knees and repented.

My momma told me this story. I still cry when I think about the marvelous God that we serve . I am amazed by His infinite and unchangeable love.

I want to share with you one of my favorite hymns: please read the words:

And Can It Be that I Should Gain
Text: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788
Music: Thomas Campbell

1.And can it be that I should gain an interest in the Savior's blood! Died he for me? who caused his pain! For me? who him to death pursued? Amazing love! How can it be that thou, my God, shouldst die for me? Amazing love! How can it be that thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

2. 'Tis mystery all: th' Immortal dies! Who can explore his strange design? In vain the firstborn seraph tries to sound the depths of love divine. 'Tis mercy all! Let earth adore; let angel minds inquire no more. 'Tis mercy all! Let earth adore; let angel minds inquire no more.

3. He left his Father's throne above (so free, so infinite his grace!), emptied himself of all but love, and bled for Adam's helpless race. 'Tis mercy all, immense and free, for O my God, it found out me! 'Tis mercy all, immense and free, for O my God, it found out me!

4. Long my imprisoned spirit lay, fast bound in sin and nature's night; thine eye diffused a quickening ray; I woke, the dungeon flamed with light; my chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, and followed thee. My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, and followed thee.

5. No condemnation now I dread; Jesus, and all in him, is mine; alive in him, my living Head, and clothed in righteousness divine, bold I approach th' eternal throne, and claim the crown, through Christ my own. Bold I approach th' eternal throne, and claim the crown, through Christ my own.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Helping a mouse in need

When it comes to illustrations , there is nothing like little mice. I just love them.*grin*
I have been working with winter illustrations and I plan to show it to you sometime.*grin*

Any one that knows me for the past 8 years , knows how much I love little mouse and how many have been subject for my sculptures , specially in wool. Couple years ago I did a little bird helping a mouse in need and this time I have a kind mouse helping a *frozen* vagabond.
I then had my painting turned into decal. This was not an easy find. I knew a company that made them but it was not good quality , however I found one that I truly liked it.
Once the decal was made, I transferred to the porcelain teapot and fired in my kiln. The decal is permanent. I love the results and now I am excited to make more!!!
Do you care for some tea?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas in July ~Illustration

Do you ever string popcorn and add to your tree? I do!*grin*

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fox Illustration

This is my newly work. I very happy with the end results. I painted bright colors although it was done in transparent layers . This picture has lots of details therefore I am letting you double click to view it. I think this has been the illustration that I spent most time thus far.
I absolutely *love* to draw children but I also enjoy fairytale animals. Foxes and mice are on top of my list.
I made this illustration for a specific project that I will be sharing soon.*grin*

I went for a long walk when I first start painting this and was able to find several different leaves including oak, maple, black berries and others... these leaves truly helped me to get the colors I wanted on my painting.

I did several sketches for this work and this is only one of them. I found out that my sketches are for a basic idea ,much of my details comes while I am painting... I think this maybe due to the fact that I never draw when I painted with oils.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blessings Pa?

When I was a child, my parents taught us ( my brother and sister) to come to them before bedtime and ask each one for blessings. We did this every evening as we grow up... Papa would be first then Momma. I would hold my hand up asking him " blessing Pa?" and papa would kiss it saying: "God bless you ,my love", and I would kiss his.
Again, here I am looking for new grounds .I am not sure yet where I am going... I feel that I need to draw , draw and draw as much as I can... you know what I mean.... between endless interruptions but again, I can not complain because I have learned to manage things like that and after all I am momma of 7 children.*grin*
I am struggling with many things.... more simple or define lines... soft pastel or vibrant colors... focus subjects or many details... what am I good ? Is that in me a natural way or a matter of practice... questions and questions.
I have decided that I need the most is too relax. Yesterday I rode a bike to the barns.... that would have been lovely but I would not dare allow anyone to take a picture of me because the bike I used was my 8 years old son and boy didn't I look clumsy .... not to mentioned that by the time I reached one of the barns I was about to fall apart. the pedal and the ground was so close , I soon jumped out of the bike and walk aside it.That made me think that I need to ride bike more often... well, not a tiny one.*grin*
Yesterday evening , Mark and I sat under the grape vines. The weather was perfect. It felt like a autumn day. The sun setting behind the tall trees and the cows and sheep silhouettes were such enjoyable scene. I felt like a queen curled up in a lovely metal chair with a soft red cushion, looking up to see the almost-ready-t0-eat grapes , hanging down so tempting....grin.
It is almost 11pm, I must go to bed now. I am looking forward to tomorrow as I know I will be getting a early birthday gift that i have been wanting for so long. I will *show* you as soon as I am able.
good nite~*smiles*
ps. You may click on the picture to view enlarged.
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