Monday, December 21, 2009

Lovely evening

Every Sunday evening Mark and I enjoy to go for a stroll around our pastures. We hold hands ,walk and talk and enjoy ourselves and the animals around us.
Many times we are blessed to see wild ones and one thing that I *love* to do is to count how many wild rabbits we spot. It is so funny how they stay still as we pass them. I ,of course , LOVE to see the babies.*grin*
We didn't see too many yesterday but the sheep was so active and play full.... grin.
We have a momma sheep that had triples and they are white as snow.... so precious!*smiles*
I thought you would enjoy to meet *Cheddar* . This is our miniature horse and belongs to my younger daughter...
The sunset is always very special to me... I can just cry looking at it.... I don't know why , but it just moves me to tears.
I am wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Etsy ~ Treasury West

I was so honored today when I received an email from an etsy seller ( Id Tolltunde) letting me know that my Christmas bunny set was selected and it is on the feature items at etsy!
How fun!*grin*
Here is the link:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner made by Copper Kitchen

It has been a tradition in our family to cook our bird in our Copper kitchen. This amazing *oven* is known originally as *tin kitchen * or *reflector oven*. Many people think that during the time that food was made over an open fire everything was just perfect....well, it was not!
Many homes were caught on fire because the grease would spill over the fire and problems would occur.
I read online that it was around the late 1700's that someone built the first reflector ovenand it was made from tin . That was a great solution but again, the lead on the tin was not good.
I had my oven made from Copper and with a drip pan . The design is exactly the same as the original tin kitchen.It is also lead free.*grin*

I don't think I EVER ate a bird as delicious as the ones that I make in my CK. One is able to truly roast it. Last year we had a 26lbs and this year the largest Turkey we found was a little over 20lb.

Here you can see the bird and the low fire.
There is a window that allows one to see the cooking progress...below you can see my old clock showing the time I got started ....8:30am

My fireplace has a neat story. *smiles*.When we moved to this home the fireplace was electric and it had a very fancy wood with gold plate (ugh)! It took me almost 2 years to find one that I would be happy. One day , Mark and I were walking in town and I glimpse inside a small antique store ( the only one in town) .I immediately felt in love for this simple ,solid , old, mahogany wood- fireplace. As a matter of fact , it is known to be over 100 years old!I asked my husband -Can we have an old wood such is this so close to the fire and not be dangerous to be caught on fire?
We walked in and asked the lady if she knew anything about the fire place and to our surprise she told us that this was originally the fireplace found at the founder of our towns'home, actually the town next to ours. The neat thing is the the founders of this town, named Marshville , not only lived in our property but they were also buried here in our grave yarn ( I said *they* because it was 2 brothers and their last names were- Marsh! )Yes I have a real grave yard inside one of my pastures and it has the original tombstones that were handwritten their names and dates.
Ohh... someday I will write about the stories that once were told to us that happened here in our farm....*grin*

Back to the in full glaze~*grin*

Three hours later we had the most delicious , juice turkey ever!
Our farm kitchen was full with loved one, family and friends. We had a wonderful fellowship time and now I am home with my loving husband as everyone are went to the $1 theatre to see a movie! I am ready for a nap!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Pottery making!

This time of year is usually the time that I spend at least couple week turning crockery for Christmas gifts. I enjoy going to my shop, load my small wood stove with some good dry hickory fire wood. set a pot with fresh water on top , for tea, turn on my old Christmas music and get ready to get my hands in the mud. I then have my visitors ( my children) that quickly notice my absence and come join me in pot making. Much of what I do is in secret so I can surprise them but sometimes I let them come and work their own little pots too.

I couldn't do much today because after coming home from church and having our supper, I had only couple hours before get ready for our evening bible study however, it was enough time to turn 6 pots. I have been requested to make soup bowls and because a while back I did some with my own drawings transferred to the bowls, I now had few friends ordering some from me . I will try my best to get it done but it is not a promise!*grin*
Here is my pottery shop.It faces my vegetable garden . I make my porcelain dolls and any clay work here in this red building. Mattie, my sheep dog, wanted to say *hello* to you!*grin*
Next to the building is a small trailer. That belongs to our theatre. We had to buy one to transport our theatre whenever we perform. When I first began the theatre I had no idea that I would need so much of space and *things*!!!!!!!!!!!
then the little small building is my doll's shop. There I have 3 tables. One only for sewing. On for cutting and one for all my other needs such as wig making, wings making ...etc... and all my supplies I storage there. It is a little messy but It is comfortable enough.. I even have a small fridge, air condition and a small heater there!

Here is a unfinished painting of what my shop looks like during summer time when my flowers are in full bloom.... I live in a beautiful place......*smiles

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have a NEW blog!

I have been debating about adjusting woolytales blog to my miniature work since I no longer make felted animals. My heart told me to get a new blog because although I don't make the woolies any longer they will always be part of my life and my children's lives.
My new blog is , you may click the picture to link there.
My work there is solo dedicated to dollhouse miniature animals, figurine and furniture.

I will be posting my favorite work there, and would love to *see* you there too!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Just a little note today. *grin*

Our wheater is so strange this time of the year ... it feels as if we skipped the Fall , in which I love it so very much. Last night , w

e had a frost and I was in shock to see that my double knock out roses were still beautiful and in full bloom. I have so many roses bushes and many different variety and colors but these 2 are the ones that I am most proud about it.

The dark pink one is in front of my house and the light soft pale pink is in the entrance to our school room. Everyone that passes there comment how lovely they are, I agree , don't you too?*grin*

Monday, October 12, 2009

I am not sure why I am the only one that can see the video. Let's try this, here is a link:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Faerie House video

Please go to the bottom right side of this page and pause the music , then click on the video to view it!

I tried to upload the faerie house video on my posting area , but it did not work. It is on the right side bar . I know is side ways...sigh.... I can't fix that either and the quality is not that great also, BUT , grin, you can see maydaughters excitement and natural expression of what they thought when they first saw the house.
At that time, I worked in secret because I was thinking of this video and I wanted to capture the esponteneous attitude and although I did a second one, it was not the same.
Hope you like it!*grin*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My enchanted Fairy House

I made this enormous fairy house few years ago and I sold at ebay. The lady that bought from me was emailed me last year and told me that she couldn't keep the house any longer because of some damage that happened when she left the house outside. She was so gracious to send it back to me for repairs. I haven't had the time to repair yet and to set up because it is a large house and I need room to display but looking back at this made me smile. I have a little video that my children did with this faerie house , if I find it, I will add here tonight or tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy the tour and this magical house as much as I do!*grin*

This OOAK faerie house was made entirely from natural sources. The house consists of a thick wooden floor, large driftwood as a support for the second floor; the upstairs floor is a GIGANTIC REAL mushroom that has been properly dried and preserved. The roof is made of individual pine cone shingles. The front of the house was constructed over the same drift wood that supports the second floor and walls. The walls are a mix of meticulously braided twigs, snake skins, tree roots, dried petals, crushed glass, tiny logs, moss, lichens, dried cactus skeletons, and many others. For the door , used an antique jewelry box lid that has a metal design of roses and butterflies. And of course, a snail door knob. Two seashells hold mini lights that light the doorway.

The kitchen and it is probably my favorite. A loofah wall divides this room. There are a few shelves on the wall with sea shell tea pots, acorn bowls, and a sea shell picture. A wooden stove with a pipe is in the corner. And just like the bathroom there is a sea shell sink. A little broom rests in the corner. This room is also lighted the same way.

The bedroom. There you will find a dresser that was made with old barn wood, a little perfume sea shell sits on top of it, and a broken mirror as well. Her bed was rustically made with petals, moss, and sea shells adorning it. In a similar way I made a nightstand next to the bed. There is a wooden chair next to a stairway that leads to a loft. There is a mushroom as a ceiling and a hanging sea shell light.

Next to the bedroom is her bathroom. A cactus leaf serves as the wall. A sea shell sink with tiny snail knobs and a branch as a faucet and a little stone serving as soap all adorn the room. There is a shower with tiny sea shell knobs, rock soaps, and skeleton leaf as a rug. A resting chair sits in the corner with a sea shell light above.

This is the room is the living room. The floors are skeleton leaves, topped with rocks and moss. I used loofah as a dry wall. The table is a real mushroom that was dried and sealed. Two wooden shelves are against the wall holding precious stone enchanted books. There is also a sea shell light fixture.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miniature Tapestry painting

I have always loved to paint. I love the challenge that a painting project brings to me. My children asked me the other day if I want to go to space mountain in Disneyworld, and I replied- "noway!".*grin* They laugh and thought that because I am getting older , I don't like the thrill but I explain to them that I like a *different* kind of thrill ... the one that challenges me and take me to places that no one can go... my imagination and aah... feet on the ground please!*grin* This painting is part of my miniature dollhouse furniture scale ( 1' = 1") and I honestly felt very pleased when I was done.
I used micro ( everything) to hand paint this canvas . I purposely used a tapestry to create a needle point effect since at this scale is almost impossible to do with threads.

The entire furniture is very lovely and is now available at my ebay store.
If you like, please take a look here

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sir Frederick Minor

I have this feeling that does not go way- I need to draw ! All my life I have worked with oil paintings only and when I did that I never draw prior painting . I used my brush to mark the subjects and get the proportion right but oil painting is very forgiving because one can layer and adjustments can be made during the process.
For a long time I wanted to illustrate books using wool as my *palette* , I wrote two children's book and did the illustrations and when I was ready to send out to get it printed , I changed my mind. Since then, I have only wanted to draw and I think is because I want to use watercolors for my medium and drawing is very important, in this case.
The illustration above came to me one day when my daughter , Kate, told me that she was planning to write a children's story. Kate has written many poems and stories. She helps me translate my own stories and she does much editing as my English is not good enough. I believe that she is very gifted with both composition ( music ) and writing (stories). She is not very interested to write, at this point of her life . Kate is very different than me, she focus on one thing at a time , and I like that on her!
Anyways , although she is not planning to write a whole story soon ( one never knows, ) she wrote a summery about her first book . The story is about a musician mouse named Frederic Minor, well, he is better know as Sir F. Minor! I can't tell you more (yet) but I am hoping Kate will begging to write soon... As she read it to me , the picture above was formed in my head and I told her : "Wait! I have to draw!"
One would think that I have plenty to do already ... it is true .. I am making dolls, painting , making animals and yet this desire does not go way ... so I am following my heart!

I am adding a picture of my new little creature - A hedgehog! He is waiting for his Pixie to be ready and both should be on eBay shortly!
* picture was taking at night , not in his favor, I must add!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Majestic oven of mine....

Several years ago , one day , my husband was out visiting a state sale . It was from a family that had their elderly mother passed way. She lived in the same house for over 70 years and she had the most amazing furniture. When she was alive she took care of everything she had could tell .My husband was going to take our eldest daughter to her beekeeping weekly meeting when he called me and said: " Honey, you would flip over if you would see this old stove. It was made by a company named Majestic and it is a wonderful condition... I propose a trade... You take Sthef. to the meeting and I will stay and bid to win it for you". I said , very excited , Oh , YES dear!!!*grin*The drawing is a recently one of mine... thebaby is my youngest son, Ben. He was that age when we got the stove and he used to craw all around it , specially during the winter months were I always keep the stove on and warm to make my bread rising efficient.I am posting today but I feel so badly..... I have been visited by a virus and although everyone seems better , I am that last with it and nothing much I can do except to rest and ... to be honest with you ... I don't like to rest!!!*grin*

Friday, September 4, 2009

Music for a goose

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flying in the sky.....

I was up very early this morning as next week we start school and my time/schedule will change. One of my favorite things to do is to tend for my flowers ... I love to be outside and hear the nature singing.
I was *lost* on my own world when I heard a massive bird's call .... I looked up to the bright blue sky to see many, many geese flying in a *v* shape .... so coordinated .... I smile and told Josh , who was working outside with me , "How marvelous, isn't it? I wish they stay and visit with us"..... and then to my delight ....they landed on the pond... not one ... not few ... but all of them!

Rebecca brought me the camera and with my dirty hands , I managed to take few pictures.

It is evening now and outside is so tranquil..... I hear the birds ... they are still here..although think they are Canadian and are just passing by , I still hope they will greet me in the morning!*grin*

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where my heart is centered ....

When we first moved to this farm, I almost fainted when I saw that the floors were covered with red velvet color carpet. I had very small children ,many in diapers in fact, and I could not imagine living in a farm house with carpet floors.... the kitchen was very tiny and if you look at the roof on the picture above you will see that the division was for a wall that we removed and that side where you see my stove was the dinning room.
Our table alone measures 9 feet long , did not fit there...after all we are a family of 9!

Much has changed and my home is more and more like me ... I like simple things because I take pleasure in the most simple aspects of life .... I like comfort because I enjoy being home , spending time with my family in many ways....
Almost everything I have has a use .... This stove is an authentic Majestic Stove from 1920. It belong only to one other person .... she had it for 85 years.... it is always warm during our winter months is the center of my kitchen.*grin*
I can many fruits and some veggies... part are storage in this small cabinet....

This solid Oak cabinet belong to a fellow that lived in town.... when I learned that his father had built and he had it for over 90 years and he was auctioning , I told him I would be honored to have it.

Some parts of our kitchen still need home improvements...I will get there some time!*grin*

This is the backing room... is next to the kitchen and it faces the pond.... the table you see is where I do most my small paintings and writings .... I love here....grin

Side view of baking room... I have 3 old rockers here ... children loves to read while the fire is on...this other stove I have is gas and cooks fantastically ... it produces an incredible amount of heat.
Yes.... it is here that my heart is warmed up too!*smiles*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pumpkin blessing....

This picture was meant to be my last one from this post...sigh... it is my Ben, caring for a rabbit that does not belong to us....
My flower garden is in full bloom..... is so beautiful to sit out side and look at it ...grin

Pumpkins.... yes, my front door? I known I did not plant any! That is what I said when I first spotted a small pumpkin vine... well.... I think the last year pumpkins that was sitting outside , felt off and self seeded the ground.

I haven't counted how many are there but they are quite few...*grin*

I like to say that it is a blessing because we did not plan and yet it by my door!

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