Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crockery for dolls

Hello dear readers~*grin*

Today was such a lovely day! It made me think how often I forget to thank the Lord for blessing us with different seasons.

It has been a much cooler winter in which I truly love it until I have to go outside and do farm chorus, grin, but at any other time one can find me sitting next to my fireplace either sculpting or drawing however ; was different.... grin.

This morning I woke to find a crisp clean dry air and temperatures on low 60's. It felt like a lovely spring day! A great desire came to me to sit at my potter's wheel and to turn some pottery!!

I normally turn pottery during spring and fall but today was an exception and how I loved it!*grin*

I have made an entire china set for my dolls but I still have 2 others that I desire to do. One is a transferware in red ( English set) and the other is a set that both of my oldest daughters gave me and my husband as an anniversary gift several years ago. This set we use everyday and they are very rustic looking and features a deer image .

Here you can see the pots in a 'green ' stage. I just finished turning when I took the pictures. They will dry, then I will sand , sign and fire bisque ( this is the first fire) . After that , I will glaze and fire again , then I will do the transfer ware images to the pots.

As you can see these are not super small china but wait, I forgot to say that after the fire , they will shrink about 30%.

I will do another post when I have the second stage done. the thing is , my kiln is very big so in order for me to fire and not waste the firing , I must fill up the kiln . I can only fire the pottery until the last thing I made is totally dry so sometimes it takes me forever since I don't sit and turn all the time BUT I am planning, lord willing, to turn more next week!

I hope you have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I will not bring critters to class again....

Home-schooling my 7 children will forever bring me this type of memories....*grin*
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