Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The artist~

Here I am trying my wings....grin!

ps, click to view enlarged.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Color Pencil

I don't really like to use color pencils to much because I find myself limited when I am shading and blending but I also know that is probably a lack of practice. I did this quick sketch because I wanted to try adding some texture to the paper and play a little. I found harder to let the light come through but it is there.... I am wondering if you see it too....grin.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Farm Life

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sleeping child Illustration

Later on I plan to share with you what this illustration in about... for now, you are welcome to click on the picture to enlarge it! *smiles*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Homemade Bread!

This past week , My family and I had to deal with a lot of things that were not pleasant. In one of our 4 barns , we had a terrible problem that required every one's help. It is all taken cared now and to be honest with you , I don't even want to remember anymore however; that was a wonderful way that God brought me to prayers and thanks given.
Today was the first day since these past events that I felt more relaxed. Becca, fetched some fresh herbs from the garden and I am now slowly cooking a wonderful chicken in a iron pot and on my old , old stove.
She has also learned how to cut green ( collard ) like my mum. It is so fine ...almost shredded. It took her over one hour to cut about 20 leaves. Tonight I will be fixing it with garlic, olive oil, red wine, vinegar and turkey bacon...it is the best!*grin*
My greens are not over cooked like most people do... they are more like stir-fried and it is a success in my home. Becca call it -*seaweed*.*grin*

I also baked whole bread.... some sweet bread too.... raisin bread.
I about to cut a slice and have with tea but first I thought of you and perhaps you too needed today to be reminded that life is good and God is always Gracious. Let's praise HIM!

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Hurry up" - Illustration , work in Progress

If you have been following me and have read my early posts , you know that I watercolor is new medium for me (a little over a year) . I have now experiment in several ways trying to find my *own* comfortable way to use this medium in my illustrations.
My drawings are simple and have a hint of old fashion ways. I like to evoke the past when I draw but also the present that is not very common these days. *grin*
I was debating with not only the tone and choices of color ,but also ,how light or dark I want the final illustration to look.
After several work , I feel that the translucent , very light approach is were I feel more comfortable however this does not mean that I am done trying.
Another issue that I had was the outlines. I use pen to outline and when I removed that I really liked the results. I found a new *love* for my pencils lines .On this illustration , I not only did not erased my lines , I actually use the pencil to do more outlines in the final step.
Here you can see my second layer or wash.I love the softness and how the paint is starting to tell a story....*grin*
My finished illustration is showing how the primary characters are the focus of my work and the back ground , although part of it, is there to complete the thought but is not taking way from the little girl and the lady.
What do you think? i would love to hear from you!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I grow up with music been part of my life. My uncle , Elomar Figueira, ( you can look up him on google, just type his name ) is a well-know( Brazil and Europe) conductor , poet, writer of Medieval sonatas...
My fascination for classical music came at very young age and later on I follow my dream to be a professional classical ballerina however ; in all in all what has given me the greatest satisfaction is the music that comes from my children. *grin*
My Daughter kate is second oldest . kate is 17 years old and a very lovely godly young woman.Kate was self-taught in piano (including cello) and most of her own school. I used to say that kate was born like a *woman* because at age of 5 , she was so responsible that most of the time would scare me and her dad,grin. She has always been very independent too.
Homeschooling her was the easiest thing in the world because she would say to me , " mum, let me read first if I need your help I will ask you" ...and that hardly hap pend.After auditioning for the Prestige Frost School of Music ( Miami University, Miami- Fl ) Kate was accepted and will start her studies in Music Composition in this upcoming Fall.Kate goals are firstly to glorify God in all aspect of her life through her music and life. She is preparing for the wonders ahead of her in which includes been a homemaker and have a family.
There is so much that I could say about my lovely daughter but I will leave you with this drawing that I recently finished.I was inspired by Kate and Becca ( my youngest daughter) in which also plays the piano. This was an early scene in our lives but still present today...almost everyday.*grin*
The illustration was done with pen and ink in a watercolor paper. When I first draw I was planning to watercolor but as I progressed I decide to use this medium. I was nervous about it because I have never use pen and ink alone and one needs to have a bold approach , if you know what I mean...*grin*The Lord has always been gracious to me, giving me way more than I deserve ... at many times , these thoughts moves me to tears.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Children's Oil Paintings

" Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality." Beatrix Potter

When I started homeschooling my children, one of the important subject to me was art. I want to give them an opportunity to find their own love for art in general . My children , all 7 of them, picked up a brush and some oil paintings at age of 4. Some of their work are hung on my hallway in which is narrow and a little dark making it not so easy to take photographs without loosing or adding too much light ;however I think you can have a good idea of their work anyways.

I won't be labeling them but on few you can see their names and even ages . The sweetest thing to me is that in some paintings the children were only 4 years old and they couldn't write their names well yet but they could paint . The 9Th picture below is an example of that, Gabby was only 4 when she painted the tulips.*grin*

I have many ,many of their work plus and they are my treasure! My home is also covered by my own work in which some day I will do a post and show you but for now enjoy this....*grin*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Etsy Treasury

This morning I received I found on my Etsy email a note from the seller *SweetwaterGifts * . She picked my tea set for her Treasury.
((Thank you SweetwaterGifts)))!!! *grin*


Monday, June 7, 2010

My decisions for this summer

Last week my husband took me to a fabric store named Mary Jo's. Ohhh, I was lost in dreams.... I love to sew , especially for my children.*grin*
I have not sew any dresses since last year .This summer I am committed to make the girls some new dresses . My biggest issue is time. Can you relate to me??*smiles*

I have intensively made miniatures and dolls since July last year and now I am thinking of taking a summer break . I do have few commissions to complete and few animals that are already made but I have been thinking about it ....

I wish I could it all , but as a mother , specially during summer time is just not fair to the children for me to spend so much time way. It does take a LOT of time , you know?*grin*

Anyhow.... I am not sure yet but I plan to paint this summer. I may even do some miniature oil paintings but I want to work with my water color.... I have s much to develop.

My oil painting has always been towards a more realistic aspect but I don't feel inclined to do the same with watercolor because I like the freedom that this medium offers plus I love the *imperfect* work when it is done in a tasty way.

In few days I will post some oil paints that I did and some early work from my children , starting age 4. these are my most precious treasures and I am looking forward to share with you....
Whenever I get some dresses done I will will do a post too. Although my girls enjoy old fashioned outfits they varies in style a LOT. You will see what I mean!*grin*

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have been sick....

Last week I decided to do "clean up" on my system. I was very careful with my intake and with in 3 days , I was feeling the change of my eating habits. Then, on Saturday , I made chicken Fajitas for my family and decided to eat just a little bit chicken ( I was not eating meat ).... big mistake! I was very sick for the next 3 days . My stomach hurt so much and I couldn't be far from the bathroom.
Yesterday I finally got better and got back on my feet but to be honest with you.... I still feel like a lazy cat!*grin*
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