Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to plant!

"For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations." Isaiah-61:11

The next three pictures were suppose to be after some other ones but after I finished writing I realized that I forgot, so here they are ... a little out of order!*grin*

As you can see , my grass looks terrible ....Josh is determined to change that! Yeahhhh!
I came out from my little shop to see that Becca had stop working and was dangerously playing....Becca!*grin*

Okay... I do love to see how my children get along so well!!!!

( This was the beginning)sigh!

Today was such a wonderful and blessed day! My children as well as my 2 extra students , were anxious to finish school so they could come outside and help me plant.

I had worked early this morning and later when they came , they told me that I could finish my sculpting work because *they* would surprise me!!!!!!!!!!!*grin*

Becca and Ruth Ann , started to plant the garden....

Today they planted collard greens, lettuce and broccoli....

They have their own system of doing things!*grin*

Little Ben wanted to plan flowers for me...aww...Ben.... you are so sweet!*double grin*

Ben also knows well how to do this...

A little at a time....

I walked to the back yard to see how Gabby and Lydia were doing....

I laugh to see Gabby with sun glass... she said the sun bother her eyes..... oh Gabby!*grin*

I love this little spot.... I come here almost everyday to fetch some herbs for my cooking.

I always have oregano, lemon balm,rosemary, thyme and lavender.

It was about time to plant ....cilantro, parsley,,basil and others!*grin*

Benny did an excellent job! ((( Thank you Ben!!))) later on this will look fantastic!

The girls did great too.

What a wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus , for your blessings and for simple things!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here!

ahh... how refreshing to have cool air and warmer temperatures. God's creation is praising Him in a very way... and my heart desires the same!
This is one of my favorite flower trees.... it is not my favorite because willow trees are the ones that I love the most but the Ornamental Pears are just beautiful. We have two mature trees and then bloom twice a year .... in the spring when there are no leaves .... a gorgeous and massive white *flock* comes to bring the good news of warmer weather.... it is the first tree to bloom in the Carolinas., I believe. Mine are not full bloom yet but because I was walking around taking pictures and enjoying the this blessed day, I thought to share with you any ways.*grin*
We have a *pomar* . It is a word used in Portuguese to discribe a place where only fruit trees are planted. Our is not fully mature yet because we started planting only couple years ago. We have 11 pears , 11 apples and we plan to plant this year, 11 cherries and 11peaches. I am not sure what we willbe doing with all the crops but I will think about when the time comes. *grin*
The pictures above is my mature peach tree. It is 5 years old and yeild mature fruits . All my trees are organicly grown so the fruits don't look marvelous but they sure tastes the best and they are good for us.*smiles*

Daffondills are the first bubs to comeout of the ground and I am glad they bloom twice a year... I love the delicate look and the leaves.

I have thousands , I mean THOUSANDS of bulbs planted. We normally replant every fall 1000 to 2000 bulbs and some times they mutiply or they dissapear...sigh.... I think it has to do with the weather.
Next week we will be starting our garden... I am soo excited and I can't wait to be bare foot onmy soft garden.... it is wonderful!*grin*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tilling my garden

One of my true pleasures is to plant a veggie and fruit garden. Below is a picture of my garden from few years ago. It was late spring and most of the strawberries were picked already.

Every year I try different things.... that drives my husband crazy sometimes,because I LOVE veggie and i like to try new ways to make it and also to plant some different ones. Mark is not much into vegetables although he eats some . I *try* not to make things like * eggplant casserole surprise* !!!!*grin*... Okay ... some times , I DO! Here I am tilling the garden. I will have to till few more times to make it a real nice and smooth bed. I am anxious to plant the potatoes but the ground is soaking wet .....

I love old fashion tool ** That works** but boy, how I LOVE my modern tractor! It is so powerful and easy to handle!

I had go go over and over few times to break all the weeds root system...

Not a very nice picture of my final tilling job but you can have an idea. I plan to take pictures when the children I am start planting.....soon!*smiles*

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