Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christmas Mouse Illlustration

Ahhh.... do you LOVE little mice illustrations??*grin*
I worked in this illustration over this summer. This is a special picture to me. Not necessarily for my rendition but for the fact that most of the items in this mousy home was suggested by my children. I challenged each one of them with the question; " what would you steal if you were a mouse?" and this picture has their answer. I thought it was clever and I just LOVED to draw and paint it! *grin*
I have this picture professionally transferred into decal and soon I will be transferring it to my pottery. I choose a close up rather then the whole picture because it will be in cups and tea pots. I do plan to have few extras and I will list on my little etsy store .
I love to draw people , especially children but Foxes and mice have a special spot in my heart! *grin*

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Saturday, August 14, 2010

A morning on the farm....

One morning on the farm is always a new experience. Sometimes, an animal that was born or a new song of a bird can be heard.Many are the pleasures that I have each day and though none repeated. They are all simple but complete.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Daughter Kate

God has blessed me with 7 truly wonderful children. They are so unique and differently made. Their gifts are a mix of similar and very opposite attributes that make each one of then special . As a mother , I feel so blessed to see them growing in all areas but the most important to me , is to see their love and obedience to the Lord because everything else follows it.

Today I want to tell you about my daughter #2, Kate. Yes, she is *numbered, grin, because I have 7 children !

I honestly don't want to say too much right now however; I will let you know that she will be leaving to her college years , next week.

Kate has influenced and blessed me beyond worlds. She is the child that brings vitamins early in the day and make sure that her daddy and I take it. I don't know if that tell a lot but since kate was born she was always trying to pleased both her daddy and I ,but also very gentle and loving to her siblings.

When she was 5 years old, She had a taste of *real school* . She was in kindergarten when one day she came home and asked us if she could spend some time in her new friend's house. My husband and I were always very protective parents but I thought to check with my mother in law to see if she new the family .She soon encouraged me to let kate go for few hours. I did just that.

I confess to be anxious for her to come home and I greeted with a warm hug when she did. I asked her how it was and if she had fun. She gave me a long look and with watery eyes told me that she was sad instead of happy. You can only imagine the kind of butterflies feeling hit my stomach. She then told me like this:

" Momma I don't think you and daddy will want me to go back again because my friend took me to her parent;s room and showed me her daddy's gun. Plus , I fell sorry for her momma because everyone was calling her for everything and although she was trying her best to serve anyone , no one was serving her.... I offered to fold the laundry for her but she smiled , told thank you and then told me that it was alright and for me to go play. I love my new friend and truly want to be able to play with her but...... I thought you should know theses things!"

I stood then in my knees wiping of her tears as I was wiping mine too. I was surprised by the events ... but not by Kate's reaction.*grin*

I also remember 10 years ago.... Kate was 7. I had come from the hospital one day with 2 news .

One bad , one good.

The bad news was that I had a seizure, it would my 4Th in my period of life . I am not epileptic but I can suffer from seizures IF I go under severe stress. This was a time when my DH took a step and made a life-change for us, but specially for me. Today I can guarantee you that I live a simple but very wonderful life.

The good news was that I found out that same evening that I was with a child. That would come to be my sweet Ben.
Well, I am not very good telling stories without the details as you can see, grin, but I will try to keep it short.

For the next 9 months I was limited to a lot of things, one of then was to drive until after I gave birth and had more tests done.
I had and HAVE a dear , dear friend that volunteered to take me *every time* I needed to see my obstetrician . Well, for the next several months , before I would have a chance to greed my dear friend Pepe, Kate would run to her and tell her how thankful and appreciative she was that she was taking me to the doctors and when I would get back, she would again, tell her thank you. She *never* failed to do that every single time. It may not seems a lot to you, but it meant so much to me.
Now, wiping my new tears as I write with such loving feeling of treasured memory in my heart, I will finish here because the list is long.

I will be taking Kate to school next week. Please visit her blog and don't be a stranger if your heart is lead to. She did a post last night and if you click the picture you will be able to visit her.

Kate is a self-taught pianist and composer. She is also a writer of plays , poems, and stories.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jacob Sheep Fleece for sale

Hi to my readers and spinning group!*grin*

I have decided to post the pictures of the jacob fleece here to save time in emailing it. There are 2 pictures from each bag. One shows the bag and the other the staple showing its sizes. The very large bags have 2 to 3 fleeces in it. These fleeces were shorn by a professional sheer man . He also skirted the fleeces. NO belly wool.

My sheep is kept in a weed-free pasture as I also keep goats and they take care of the weeds for us.*grin*

I use my wool to make miniature animals, spin and make yarns . Although JS fleece are know for not been so soft, you will be amazing how soft my fleeces are and perhaps is because we hand feed the sheep.

These wool are gorgeous. It is fairly easy to wash. I say fairly easy, IF you have washed other fleece before you will love JS. The reason is because most fleeces have A LOT of lanolin and it takes MANY , I mean MANY washes to get rid of it. JS does not have a lot of lanolin so it is much easier to wash. I do this in my washer with *joy* soap, and hot boiling water. I will be happy to help you with information if you are a novice.

Lastly, if you want to read more about jacob sheep, please visit my farm website at and email me at

Thank you!!

Ps. First come first served. I will list sold when it is no longer available. :-)

Shipping: It is probably best to have it shipped by USP. You will pay actual shipping.the weight listed is without packing just for the fleece so expect more because of the box weight.

Price listed is per pound. Notice that I am selling way below the price that most people ask. These are extra fleeces and that I can process self and is way more than I need, I want to give others a chance to be blessed. I am selling for a price to cover my shearing cost and some feed.

This is a huge fleece because this ewe was not shorn last year! I am so glad we caught her this year!!!:-)
#1- 11" staple - 17 lbs ( $ 3lb )

#2 - 5" staple , 11lbs ( $3lb)


#3 - 3-4" staple , 10 lbs ($

# 4 - 6" staple - 11lbs ( $

#5 - 4 " staple - 4lbs ( $4 lbs)

# 6 - 4" staple - 6 lbs ( $4.lbs)

#7 - 5" staple - 11lbs ( $3.lbs)

#8 - 5 " staple- 5 lbs- available ( $4.lbs)

#9 - 3" staple - 12lbs - available ( $3.lbs)

#10 - 5" staple - 5 lbs. available ($ 4lbs)

#11 - 3" staple , 6 lbs, available ( $4lbs)

#12 - 3" staple , 3 lbs, available ($5 lbs)

#13 - 5 " staple, 20lbs, available ( $3 lbs)

#14 - 3" staple,6 lbs , available ($4lbs)

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