Monday, August 22, 2011

Full Moon

It has been a while since I post, no? So sorry... I don't mean to ignore my little spot here is just that I am living a life exactly how my profile says...grin. I am into "many' forms of arts right now and I love them all.

However, my desires to illustrate does not go way... I can't ignore it either. Sometimes I am sad that I like to draw so much and sometimes I am so very happy. I get sad because I feel "alone" in a way because after sending work to publishers and hearing "nothing" or refusals , I question my self and I feel as if I am wasting time. Time is important because my time is "not" mine.
Then , I sit and draw and as I paint my little people and animals start to take form and certain 'life' that "I" see and feel it. I smile. Yes, I smile and I feel good inside.

I have been waiting to do something like my title but a little different. it was more like a mind challenge. I wanted to have 2 girls , same atmosphere, and the owl ... but flying this time.... ohhh how I love owls.!!!!grin

Here at the farm, I love to sit at our covered area during Autumn evenings and talk to my husband while sipping in a hot cocoa. many times , we stay quite listening the animals in the woods and now and then , a special sound.... an owl!*grin*

anyways.... bid adieu , hopefully not for long....smiles~
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