Sunday, July 26, 2009

A book .... a dream on hold....

Once upon a time, in a far-off patch of woods, near the small village of Oakton, there lived a very kind goat. Every autumn he won first place at the Red Oak Festival with his honey-and-acorn pies.Before each Festival, he would make his important journey to visit the friendly honeybees on the other side of the village to gather honey and acorns for his pies. Long ago, the honeybees had promised Mr. Goat that he could keep all of their extra honey, but only if every year he would plant some clover for them. So, Mr. Goat kept his word and every spring he planted clover. For this, the bees were very grateful.

One morning, as he was on his way to the creek with two empty gourds on his shoulders, he bumped into Mrs. Squirrel and her little mouse helpers." Good morning, Mr. Goat," she said, "I know you usually come to pick up the acorns at my burrow, but I have a tea party to attend, so I decided to bring them to you, with the aid of my little friends.""That was most thoughtful of you, Mrs. Squirrel. I shall therefore not detain you any longer." Mr. Goat then went on his way.

As he continued through the woods, Mr. Goat encountered Mrs. Opossum and her two children, out taking a little walk. She was busy holding her baby in her arms while her other child followed behind her, skipping a rope ."How glad I am to see you, Mr. Goat," exclaimed Mrs. Opossum. "I will be bringing some newly threshed wheat for your pies to your home tomorrow.""Oh, thank you Mrs. Opossum; but please, there's no need to rush, the Festival is still a whole week away," he answered considerately."Well, nevertheless, I will try to come by tomorrow."Then Mrs. Opossum waved and off she went down the forest lane.

Mr. Goat had just reached the bank of the creek when he heard two familiar voices croaking a duet in the water. He turned around to see his friends, the tree frogs, practicing their song for the upcoming Festival."My, what a lovely melody," Mr. Goat remarked. "Are you the only tree frogs participating this year, or will your entire clan perform? You did such a nice job last year!" The oldest of the frogs blushed slightly."It will be just my sister and I, this time." Smiling, Mr. Goat answered, "Well, keep up the good work," then turned and crossed the creek.
Here are few pages of my book......
For almost five years now I have been working in and out on illustrating my first book using wool as my main palette colors. You have no idea how many forms of illustrations I have done for my story and how I change for one to another.... I have about 4 different mediums done by far and some I had other artist helping me but at the end I decided to do the entire book using the wool ( needle felted flat ) to depict my story.
Almost 2 years ago , I start working with mold making and thinking about making porcelain dolls. I had to divide my time and thoughts plus the marionette theatre was at full speed.
Crazy, Crazy but fun , fun. life is good ,no? *grin*
Well, I finished the book and got all my prices to have it printed in large quantity. I started then visiting local schools and see how they would respond if I would come to do author visitation and to my delighted surprise , most of schools were eager to have me and also the theatre.
One thing that I learned was that I would had to devote a LOT of time going here and there , school to school and all of the sudden it hit me. I realized that I am not ready to be way from my home, farm and children ( oh yes, my husband too,grin) in order to present/sell the book. I do want to do this ,but not *now*.
I am engaged -big time- with patitadolls and that it self plus the Marionette Theatre
is all I can handle right now . The book will have to wait few more years... meanwhile , I will continue read to my children .


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Patricia,

I cherish your comments! How, how wonderful that sounds, to have a bath in lavender! I am going to go soak my feet in some right now. What is the name of the perfume from Brazil? I must know and find some because I would love to have some. Scents are strong memory prompts! I am sure that your little path lined with lavender is beautiful; how lucky that you can grow it! Tell me please, do you sell the little wool animals that you have on your other blog? I would love to buy one! O.K., I just went on to your Etsy store! Do you sell the bunny rabbit that you have a picture of? And, I also love this new post that you just put up! Oh Patricia, I knew that if we lived close to each other, we would be creating all the time! Your posts are so magical!! Please let me know about the bunny...Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Seiva de alfazema is the name. Is from Phebo. This is the original one and many Brazilain stores in US ,sells it. Anita, I need your email address my friend.... here is mine
Which bunny are you talking about ? Go to my website when you have a chance and look at my gallery... there are few bunnies there... here it is
Oh yes Anita, could you imagine the fun we would have together?
I am looking for a good French class in audio ... could you recommend me one? I took French in Collage but I have forgotten so much of it....
My posts are so simple ... I can not imagine that... in other hand YOURS are truely magical!*smiles*

Joanna Thomas said...

Oh Patricia the book is soooo precious! I will look forward to it in the year ahead. You put so much hard work into it!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère,
I came back to peruse through your lovely blog again to find this marvelous painting on your header! Did you paint this? It is stunning and magical! Your stories are so compelling and beautiful! Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you so much Anita and Joanna for your lovely comments.
Anita, this is one of my backdrops for our theatre. It is for a scene where Snow White finds the 7 dwarfs cottage. I will talk about the backdrops and show them when all are ready but still a while to come.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chèrie! I thank you for your dear comments; I am discovering that the more that I write, the more I am compelled to do so and with the knowledge that IF I can bless someone and move them, then maybe I am doing a Godly thing. I FOUND A YOU TUBE ON YOU! I typed in Woolytales and it is called Woolytales: Past work! I have copied it and I ask your permission to post it the firt week of September....I want to show EVERYBODY MY FRIEND'S WORK! Blessings, Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

You are a blessing Anita, You really are! Of course you can use it.... so kind of you to ask!!Love~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère amie!
Thank you for your lovely comments on my grandmother. She was a sweet angel and she transfered that characteristic over to my mother and my wonderful aunties! I thank you always for your kindness! I am so enjoying looking at your blog, daily. Blessings to you, Anita

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