Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner made by Copper Kitchen

It has been a tradition in our family to cook our bird in our Copper kitchen. This amazing *oven* is known originally as *tin kitchen * or *reflector oven*. Many people think that during the time that food was made over an open fire everything was just perfect....well, it was not!
Many homes were caught on fire because the grease would spill over the fire and problems would occur.
I read online that it was around the late 1700's that someone built the first reflector ovenand it was made from tin . That was a great solution but again, the lead on the tin was not good.
I had my oven made from Copper and with a drip pan . The design is exactly the same as the original tin kitchen.It is also lead free.*grin*

I don't think I EVER ate a bird as delicious as the ones that I make in my CK. One is able to truly roast it. Last year we had a 26lbs and this year the largest Turkey we found was a little over 20lb.

Here you can see the bird and the low fire.
There is a window that allows one to see the cooking progress...below you can see my old clock showing the time I got started ....8:30am

My fireplace has a neat story. *smiles*.When we moved to this home the fireplace was electric and it had a very fancy wood with gold plate (ugh)! It took me almost 2 years to find one that I would be happy. One day , Mark and I were walking in town and I glimpse inside a small antique store ( the only one in town) .I immediately felt in love for this simple ,solid , old, mahogany wood- fireplace. As a matter of fact , it is known to be over 100 years old!I asked my husband -Can we have an old wood such is this so close to the fire and not be dangerous to be caught on fire?
We walked in and asked the lady if she knew anything about the fire place and to our surprise she told us that this was originally the fireplace found at the founder of our towns'home, actually the town next to ours. The neat thing is the the founders of this town, named Marshville , not only lived in our property but they were also buried here in our grave yarn ( I said *they* because it was 2 brothers and their last names were- Marsh! )Yes I have a real grave yard inside one of my pastures and it has the original tombstones that were handwritten their names and dates.
Ohh... someday I will write about the stories that once were told to us that happened here in our farm....*grin*

Back to the in full glaze~*grin*

Three hours later we had the most delicious , juice turkey ever!
Our farm kitchen was full with loved one, family and friends. We had a wonderful fellowship time and now I am home with my loving husband as everyone are went to the $1 theatre to see a movie! I am ready for a nap!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonsoir ma belle! This was amazing. Not only is this copper kitchen beautiful and practical, the story along with it is superb. Your house is a home because of the originality you have given it, and if walls could talk, you home would tell the most enchanting tales of family and love. You deserve a long sleep. You have worked so hard and knowing you, you will continue to work until you drop! Take care my friend! We had a lovely and delicious Puerto Rican turkey with a crème brûlée pumpkin pie! I also had my favorite fruit: JUICY GREEN GRAPES! I can't get enough of them! Bisous! Anita

Miriam said...

Sono rimasta icollata a leggere la storia del tuo cammino, provavo a immaginare le tue sensazioni....che meraviglia tutto quello che hai raccontato sembra una favola...Ma tu devi essere anche una ottima cuoca! Ma che faticaccia...

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Anita~ Your supper sounds delicious and I already know that you are an execellent chef!

Miriam....sorridere ..... Amo cucinare e cucinare per la mia famiglia. Una madre di 7 deve goderla o e nella difficoltà!

Joanna Thomas said...

Im hungry just looking at that! YUMMY! What an interesting story about the oven and the fireplace! You have such a charming home~

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