Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New year's resolutions

I have always been curious in read about what people like to write at the beginning of the year. I think most people have a tendency to want to get healthier and lose weight. I too, I am guilty of that, grin, I have start to walk on my thread mill because It is too cold to go to the park and the last few months I have been lazy; but I don't mean to talk about this type of resolution in this post because what I *really* want to say and share with you is this video on my right side of the bar.
This video is hosted by and because is not mine, I was unable to upload on my post but you can click to go to the site or just watch here ( a little smaller,grin*)
No matter how many times I watch this video I still cry. yes, I am happy for the man in the wheel chair and of course the love that his father has for him is something that touches me deeply but what really moves me to tears is to think the Love of my Heavenly father over me. Our human love is *nothing* compare to God's love for His children .
This video is an amazing remind of God's perfect and unchangeable love , in which I need daily.
My resolution for this year is around one single word - Obedience.
To be obedient is not easy... My children will agree with me, grin, and I too want to be more Obedient to my Heavenly father and my Lord and saviour's Jesus Christ.
Alright , alright , I still want to lose weight! *smiles*
**** please , before you listen to the video, go down on my page and pause my playlist box*****

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my dearest one! Oh, yes, this is a heartwarming and humbling story. To think how this father did this for his son is just a glimpse into what our Heavenly Father does for us on a daily basis, and especially during those difficult times in our lives. Oh how I need to remember that!! THANK YOU for posting this most important and true story! And you my dearest, you are beautiful. Keep your goals before you always...I know you do, how else would you produce such beauty? Bisous, Anita

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