Friday, January 7, 2011

I will not bring critters to class again....

Home-schooling my 7 children will forever bring me this type of memories....*grin*


Christel Hutson said...

such a wonderful illustration Pat! Although it is obviously a small old school room it is not unlike my own childhood. It brings back many memories for me!It is just wonderful! I was raised in a catholic school, Sacred Heart Grade School in Effingham, Illinois, from 1st grade, through 8th grade. It was a very small school with only 15 rooms. A small gym, a cafateria, a library, and art room / music room, the head nuns office, and the classrooms. We normally had 25 aprox children per grade, I do remember having two sixth grade classes because there were more children than one class could seat. I think we had 41 sixth graders. I knew everyone at school, and we all knew each others families, and most were related in one way or another. All of my cousins went there, that was nine families! It was such a simple little school, that taught HUGE values, and morals. Not like the horror stories many hear about the Catholic religion now a days.For the most part, we were all happy, well mannered, responsible good hearted kids, all growing together in a small community, which has now turned ito a much larger, industrial town. I recently visited there for a funeral, and did not know anyone I saw..very foriegn feeling, it made me feel sad, but this, your beautiful rendition of a one roomed schoolhouse brought back the great feelings, and memories! Thank you for posting this, I love it! much love to you my friend, Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA! Dearest one, this first week of school after the holidays has been very difficult to get used to and now with our addition almost complete, I come home only to clean the floors and help Ruben move furniture! I am so sorry that I missed this BEAUTIFUL POST! WOW...does this give me great memories! I however, don't make my students write as a "punishment" like my teachers did! I didn't have to write on the board 1000 times because I was a good little girl (wink, wink!)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Teeheee! I just love this....Oh Tita, I TOO WOKE UP AT 2:00AM SUNDAY!!! Oh dearest, Ruben is a little motor man...he just doesn't know how to stay still and yesterday after I posted my blog post, we TOOK OFF to shop and when we came home, I had to start dinner. We also had to clean the floors in the kitchen and dining room due to the plaster worker being here last week. OUR FINAL PLASTER GOES ON MONDAY and then the floors are installed! We are both so excited that this morning we both woke up chatting about it, but I decided to stay up to respond to my blog posts. Oh Tita, you and me both, we need to create. And since we both are in charge of CHILDREN, we most certainly need to carve out that time for our own development in our art. But I know that both of us are WILLFUL (in a good way) and disciplined (thanks to ballet!) and we make time NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I so understood your beautifully written comment and I so very grateful for the connection that we have in our hearts and though we cannot SEE each other, you are always, always, ALWAYS with ME!!!!

Now, today...SUNDAY, Ruben wants to go out. NOOOOOOOOOO! I SAID! I AM STAYING HOME TO READ and CREATE!!!

MAY you have a wonderful day of enjoying all that the Lord has given you my dear, dear sister! Nita

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