Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Farm Parade & Deep Thoughts

Watercolor & Pencil
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I had an idea of making a parade for while but I confess that the coming of 4th of july had brought back the idea to my mind. I have 2 other farm parades in the making.... one is a Christmas Parade and the other is a Fun Fall Parade but I think because this took me a while to draw and paint , I want to rest a bit before I go back to the others.*smiles*

This was my first time painting a tractor. Because my illustrations are vintage style, I wanted a tractor that would fit the period of mid 1900's so the FARMALL is what I decided to add.

I will be listing on my etsy sometime soon but first I want to frame one and see how it looks.

I was thrilled to find a company that makes barn woods frames. Mostly of my oil paintings are framed in those but the man that used to make it for me was a seller on Ebay and he no longer makes them due to an accident while working, I know, poor guy!

I have been thinking to frame with a white frame also , just to give a different look and more modern for those that likes it that way... we shall see... right now , I custom frame some and as soon they are ready I will post.

I also have an exciting news. I was invited to do an exhibition in August. It is for a book club . It is not anything big at all and honestly if was , I wouldn't do it as I don't feel ready for something like that. I was surprise to be approach in interest on this because lately I have been thinking that perhaps I should not illustrate at all. Why? Well, perhaps some artists like me can relate... or perhaps is just me..sigh.

This is why:

For as far as I can remember I have always wanted to be an illustrator for children's book. When I was a child at any time I read I would look at the pictures and let "it" tell me the story. I would them *dream* about it for while. As an adult , it is not much different.*grin*

I take the children to the library every week. They have a summer program now and all my children were piled up with books . The person that checked us out handle me a paper to enter on the drawing and I laugh when I couldn't as I took a long look in what I had and saw that I did not get one single *adult section * book, grin.... yes , things has not changed.

Now back to my thoughts ... I am struggling with directions to go. I realize that in this industry , there are few different ways that an illustrate can go. One is to pursue children's book illustrations by submitting promotion cards, portfolio or even looking for an agent. This is such a difficult road to go and I personally know a handful of artist that have been doing this for a long time and never got a book deal. I recently found one artist that I can not say her name as she does not know me, but reading her blog, I was shocked to know that she has been trying for over 10 years and nothing. This person is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G..... her work makes me dream and I can see her illustrations on so many books and yet , she is still waiting!

Then one can be I like to call - A commercial illustrator. This is something that I recently found out about it. Etsy has a LOT of artist that are exploring this path with LOTS of success. For that , when one is creating is not just making a "picture or illustration" but rather "picturing" where this will go , mostly focusing on licensing. There are lot licensing companies out there that looks for specify art work, for ex: children's plates set.... Wall stickers... fabric.... just to name few.

Now is the question.... What should I do? okay, for those that will say...'follow your heart', I am starting to think that is NOT a good idea.*sad grin*

I HAVE been following my heart and I have not found sales for me. As much as I love to illustrate what ever comes to my mind , I truly need to make some income with that. I have set my sculpting aside to devote my time mostly on this and it is frustrating not to see monetary results, mostly because I start to fell selfish and that I am letting my family down.

I have been praying about it and I am willing to try something new but again, my style is what is and that is what I know and how it comes to me because is part of my life , but the vision can be change and that is what I am hoping for.

This year I decided to make a portfolio and bravery start the road of sending out to publisher. I know it can happen or not and honestly, I don't want to be sitting , waiting and hoping that some one will say yes. the reason is because creating illustration is now a natural thing for me and it comes and "calls" me to get it done. It is a joy ,a pleasure and a blessing that only artist like me can truly understand and relate so I don't have an option to "stop",grin, BUT I can be commercial mean while.

I don't even know how to do this is practical way.... I began to think that perhaps I need to strength my outlines a bit and maybe even add a little of photoshop . I am not sure.

okay, I hope this did not come out as rumblings in a bad way because I honestly can tell you that I am SO grateful to the Lord and so thankful that God has blessed me with my gifts and the portion that HE has for me. I want to be content with my lot and if means just to make silly little illustrations then let it be but I then need to learn my limits and priorities- I struggle with that!*grin*

I was not planning to write this post and as I am re-reading it , I was tempt to delete it but thinking again, perhaps God used me to help someone that are facing similar struggles.

May HE bless you with direction and true contentment that can ONLY comes from Jesus Christ.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita, I know. I know the reality. I talk so much about dreams, and I think that is what keeps us going. It is so natural, and VITAL that we turn our passions into profit because the amount of time spent improving the skill, a PAYOFF needs to be in order. But you have discussed a very important reality here, and you are so right in doing so. I had a very illuminating conversation with a friend yesterday who is a Ph.D. and a psychology professor at the university where Ruben teaches. She is currently writing a TEXT BOOK in her field...actually, she is a clinical psychologist and the book she is writing is an area of psychology that is NOT her field. Yet she was commissioned to do this work. We discussed her JOURNEY through the struggles of doing this HUGE project. She then talked about MY vision to write. I feel very silly to even talk about wanting to be a writer, for there are many EXCELLENT WRITERS OUT THERE who are unknown, in your circumstance. BUT THIS QUOTE that she gave me gave me hope that even though I may NEVER EVER PUBLISH....this is what I KNOW:

God does not call the ABLED.


YOU are called. You are more than able. The journey is most of the time unclear...dark....cold and frightening. But the only thing I know is to follow that GOD-GIVEN URGE to continue. You must do the same. But when making a living is concerned, I know...what do we do?

Lovingly, Nita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat
I agree with Anita.. I would like to say that being a commercial artist, atleast for you, I think would take the love of the art out of it for you... Do you know I am saying? Our art comes from our hearts, and I believe it should stay as such..
It may take some time, but I believe in you...
Blessings my friend

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Pat
So nice of you to visit.. Yes, Bebe has been all over the map lately... She still has a few adventures to make this summer..
I know you have been very busy on the farm, thank you for coming over to my little corner of the world.
Bless you!

Jane said...

Looking at your needlefelting. I am just amazed by it. It seems there should be a market for those wonderful figures. Maybe you are concentrating on the wrong talent! I know something will work out for you, you are very gifted.

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