Saturday, June 16, 2012

Making churn butter from fresh cows cream


 Me milking Hershey! *grin*

One of my most pleasure when comes to processing Hershey's milk ,is  to make fresh churn butter. 
The butter is so nutritious  naturally colored and tastes nothing like  store bought butter.

Here is a quick  way I  can show you how I make our butter.
The picture above shows the cream that I have already separated from the milk and it is very cold after couple days in the fridge

 Here you can see how thick the cream is.

One can make butter using a electric or manual churner.... but I will tell you this, I can taste the difference when I use my hand churn.... it is ...mmm... heavenly!

 Churning  takes time... nothing like things of now days...grin.... but it is wonderful to see the separation from the whey  and the butter been formed

It is done. you can see the butter already, can't you?grin

 Now I drain the whey and rinse the butter with cold water... then I add salt.

 Most of the time I press  the butter into  my butter molds. I collect these molds  as i adore the different designs... I have made some from pottery too.

But today I did not press as we were ready  to eat it!*grin*

 I hope you enjoyed it!


Jorgelina said...

Que rico sabor tiene la manteca casera.
De niña solia comer con pan .
Un beso

softearthart said...

Wonderful, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

Jeri Landers said...

Some fresh whole wheat muffins, straight from the oven, slathered in that butter... with a cup of orange spiced tea, who could ask for anything more?!

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