Monday, May 11, 2015

Spinning wheels, Electrical Carder and winder for SALE

 Hello there,

I have here three spinning wheels, one hand carder, one electrical carder and a winder for sale.
First come , first served.
Please contact me at I will mark "sold" as I sell them.
Prices are  very low because I am moving and no longer can have these items. The wheels needs a good clean up! some can be mailed but some needs to be pick up only. I live near Charlotte,NC.


This is a very old spinning wheel and works very very well. It needs to be strung in which you can buy it in any spinning store  that carries supplies. I has a spindle  that turns beautifully. This is one spinning wheel for a true lover of this art. It's hard to come around something like these and I was able to get it in an auction. I took to a friend of mine that does father's clock restoration and he said this wheel probably was made by hand and who ever made it also made the tools to make the wheel. Its amazing.
Its truly priceless but I am asking $300. I can ship it . You will pay the actual shipping price in which I will calculate for you.


This is a louet carder. I had a professional person to add a motor, and build the cabinet for me.  He added a turned on and off switch  to make it easier . The cabinet is solid wood. He added wheels on the bottom so I could move it around and the power cord is long enough. This is totally costume made. The Louet machine is  wonderful . I used very very little . You will need to pick up and and you will see what a new condition this machine is. It needs to clean up a bit , no big deal.
A brand new one from Louet NOT costumized like mine is over $2000. I am asking $1200 for it.
I will give you some accessories too.

This is another wonderful spinning wheel . Not as old as #1 but its also very interesting. It has four legs instead of the customary three legs. Its very attractive in design having two tables and space below for two extra bobbins.
Its a swedish wheel. its more compact than those earlier ones of nearly two hundred years ago. Fully functional.
$300 plus shipping (((SOLD)))


This wheel is a very compact and different than my other two. Whenever I would take a wheel someplace , this is the one I normally did. I love this wheel. I used a lot and made many yarns from it. It came from Netherlands.

$300 plus actual shipping. ((((SOLD)))


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Christel said...

You are moving? Where? I hope this is exciting news, and not sad. Please write me Pat! xoxox Christel

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