Friday, September 18, 2009

Sir Frederick Minor

I have this feeling that does not go way- I need to draw ! All my life I have worked with oil paintings only and when I did that I never draw prior painting . I used my brush to mark the subjects and get the proportion right but oil painting is very forgiving because one can layer and adjustments can be made during the process.
For a long time I wanted to illustrate books using wool as my *palette* , I wrote two children's book and did the illustrations and when I was ready to send out to get it printed , I changed my mind. Since then, I have only wanted to draw and I think is because I want to use watercolors for my medium and drawing is very important, in this case.
The illustration above came to me one day when my daughter , Kate, told me that she was planning to write a children's story. Kate has written many poems and stories. She helps me translate my own stories and she does much editing as my English is not good enough. I believe that she is very gifted with both composition ( music ) and writing (stories). She is not very interested to write, at this point of her life . Kate is very different than me, she focus on one thing at a time , and I like that on her!
Anyways , although she is not planning to write a whole story soon ( one never knows, ) she wrote a summery about her first book . The story is about a musician mouse named Frederic Minor, well, he is better know as Sir F. Minor! I can't tell you more (yet) but I am hoping Kate will begging to write soon... As she read it to me , the picture above was formed in my head and I told her : "Wait! I have to draw!"
One would think that I have plenty to do already ... it is true .. I am making dolls, painting , making animals and yet this desire does not go way ... so I am following my heart!

I am adding a picture of my new little creature - A hedgehog! He is waiting for his Pixie to be ready and both should be on eBay shortly!
* picture was taking at night , not in his favor, I must add!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita dear,
I have just fallen in love with Mr. F. Minor! Do you think he would like the Tea Rat? Would he like to come for some tea? At the moment, the Tea Rat is indisposed in NOWHERE, and I am not sure if Mr. F. Minor would want to wander over with the others, but we would sure love to have him sit down to a fine pot of freshly brewed tea. The little hedgehog is marvelous, and never, ever abandon that wonderful desire to draw. You are amazing. Come over to CCC and get your angels' wings my dearest! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am so glad that you came to pick up your angels wings; now go off and fly into the land of imagination and beauty, for you light the path my dearest. Life is so precious and we are in it; isn't it wonderful? ANita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dearest Anita~ Sir F. Minor, I think he would LOVE to meet Tea Rat... wouldn't that be fun?
((( Thank you Anita, with all my heart)))

Jorgelina said...

Your blog is wonderful.
A very talented and creative artist.
A greeting from Argentina.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And I love you as well, my dear angel. Have a beautiful day tomorrow, creating, spending time with your family and being you! OH! And yes, Sir F. needs to meet the Tea Rat for tea, of course!!!! Oh I want to draw that....Fondly, Anita

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Patricia!

I hoped over from Anita's and want to congratulate you on your Angel Award from her! Anita is an angel herself and has been such a wonderful friend to me. I adore her!

And I adore your artwork. The first time I saw your work was on The Carol Duvall Show and I fell in love with your creations. I'm so excited to know your blog so I can follow you and see what you are doing with that amazing talent of yours!

Welcome to the Angels!

Hugs, sherry

Ana Alpande said...

PAtricia que lindo!!!!

Estou ansiosa para ver as tuas aguarelas!!

Um abra├žo de Portugal
Ana Alpande

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Patricia,
Thank you for coming to my blog today to see just a small glimpse of the little town I have been spending a lot of time in. How you would love it my friend, it is an artist town! I will visit with you in email in just a few...Anita

Bonnie said...

Hi Patricia, it sounds as if your daughter has talents of her own that are beginning to unfold. Once again, I am enchanted with your beautiful work!


PS - I love hedgehogs!

PPS - I enjoy visiting over at Nowhere!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Jorgina, Ana and Bonnie~
((thank you ever so klindly for such nice comments and for visiting me))

Rattus Scribus said...

I'll say it again. You are amazing. Anita introduced me to your world several weeks back, and I look in on you every so often (actually, I've marked you in my blog) just to see what recent wonders you and your children are up to.
Peace and joy to you,
Ruben (aka, Rattus Scribus)

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