Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miniature Tapestry painting

I have always loved to paint. I love the challenge that a painting project brings to me. My children asked me the other day if I want to go to space mountain in Disneyworld, and I replied- "noway!".*grin* They laugh and thought that because I am getting older , I don't like the thrill but I explain to them that I like a *different* kind of thrill ... the one that challenges me and take me to places that no one can go... my imagination and aah... feet on the ground please!*grin* This painting is part of my miniature dollhouse furniture scale ( 1' = 1") and I honestly felt very pleased when I was done.
I used micro ( everything) to hand paint this canvas . I purposely used a tapestry to create a needle point effect since at this scale is almost impossible to do with threads.

The entire furniture is very lovely and is now available at my ebay store.
If you like, please take a look here


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my dearest! This is going to go so fast....I would love it! Did you also construct the furniture yourself? Simply gorgeous dear!!!!! Anita

Joanna Thomas said...

How beautiful and so tiny! You did an incredible job on such a small scale! Truly lovely~

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