Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to plant!

"For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations." Isaiah-61:11

The next three pictures were suppose to be after some other ones but after I finished writing I realized that I forgot, so here they are ... a little out of order!*grin*

As you can see , my grass looks terrible ....Josh is determined to change that! Yeahhhh!
I came out from my little shop to see that Becca had stop working and was dangerously playing....Becca!*grin*

Okay... I do love to see how my children get along so well!!!!

( This was the beginning)sigh!

Today was such a wonderful and blessed day! My children as well as my 2 extra students , were anxious to finish school so they could come outside and help me plant.

I had worked early this morning and later when they came , they told me that I could finish my sculpting work because *they* would surprise me!!!!!!!!!!!*grin*

Becca and Ruth Ann , started to plant the garden....

Today they planted collard greens, lettuce and broccoli....

They have their own system of doing things!*grin*

Little Ben wanted to plan flowers for me...aww...Ben.... you are so sweet!*double grin*

Ben also knows well how to do this...

A little at a time....

I walked to the back yard to see how Gabby and Lydia were doing....

I laugh to see Gabby with sun glass... she said the sun bother her eyes..... oh Gabby!*grin*

I love this little spot.... I come here almost everyday to fetch some herbs for my cooking.

I always have oregano, lemon balm,rosemary, thyme and lavender.

It was about time to plant ....cilantro, parsley,,basil and others!*grin*

Benny did an excellent job! ((( Thank you Ben!!))) later on this will look fantastic!

The girls did great too.

What a wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus , for your blessings and for simple things!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Magnificent. Lovely. Inspiring. May I even say, sensual? In the sense that all of the senses are engaged in a trip down simplicity lane...a place I would rather stay for the rest of my life. I can smell the herbs, Tita...simmering in one of your fabulous stews, and then the scent of the blossoms, the touch of the breeze and the sound of the childrens' laughter. You have made my day dear one. Have another fabulous day, living the way we were meant to live, in harmony.

Bisous my dear, Nita

Jeri Landers said...

This was indeed a wonderful day here in Tennessee ,as well. I do wish I had some garden helpers like you do , but alas, mine have all grown and gone. Nevertheless, I dug and planted and listened to the birdsong and smelled the rich earth and thanked the good Lord for such a life! I know your gardens will be lovely. Jeri

Bramblewood Bears said...

My dear Pat, your spring weather looks so wonderful! We are sopping wet here and stormy. Can't wait for the sun to finally set in for summer. I love your herb garden! I have a whole collecton of medicinal herbs to plant this year...do your chickens bother your herbs? Our are free range and I worry they will eat all my herbs if I plant them LOL!
Big Hugs and Love,

Patricia Cabrera said...

ohhh, you three wonderful ladies... yes in deed, it is wonderful to be free and to have helpers. I will go to your sites and leave you some answers there.
tahnkyou for your comments!smiles~

gail said...

Hello, What a beautiful blog. Your garden is wonderful and the kids looked like they had so much fun.

Your art is amazing.
Happy creating, gail

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