Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tilling my garden

One of my true pleasures is to plant a veggie and fruit garden. Below is a picture of my garden from few years ago. It was late spring and most of the strawberries were picked already.

Every year I try different things.... that drives my husband crazy sometimes,because I LOVE veggie and i like to try new ways to make it and also to plant some different ones. Mark is not much into vegetables although he eats some . I *try* not to make things like * eggplant casserole surprise* !!!!*grin*... Okay ... some times , I DO! Here I am tilling the garden. I will have to till few more times to make it a real nice and smooth bed. I am anxious to plant the potatoes but the ground is soaking wet .....

I love old fashion tool ** That works** but boy, how I LOVE my modern tractor! It is so powerful and easy to handle!

I had go go over and over few times to break all the weeds root system...

Not a very nice picture of my final tilling job but you can have an idea. I plan to take pictures when the children I am start planting.....soon!*smiles*


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh delightful ma belle, to see you on top of that tractor, so elegant with your lovely shawl...YOU ARE STYLISH! I can't even imagine what it would be like to eat garden fresh potatoes!!!! MORE PICS!!

Bisous, Nita

Karen said...

Now THAT is a veggie garden (or soon to be)!! We used to have one (on a much smaller scale) and it has gone to the weeds the last two years. But, I am optimistic and insisting that we bring it back to life this year!! We do have a strawberry plant in an urn that my son brought back from the Ag Fair last year that is looking mighty happy this year and already fruiting (thanks to early 80 degree weather this week) and we also have a happy grafted apple tree (six different kinds on there!) and sage, parsely, and chives came home with my daughter and I this week. Now....for the tomatoes and whatever else we decide to get into the ground....I must admit I'm a wee bit excited! Thanks for the inspiration! :>

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Karen, sorry for my delay in answering you.
firstly, thank you for visiting me and for yoru comments.
It does sounds to me that you have a lovely place and soem wonderful fruits and herbs growing already.
I am learning as I do, I truly learn each every year as I care for the farm and for my plants. It is wonderful to feel free and grown things.... life is good , no?*smiles*

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