Friday, July 2, 2010

Blessings Pa?

When I was a child, my parents taught us ( my brother and sister) to come to them before bedtime and ask each one for blessings. We did this every evening as we grow up... Papa would be first then Momma. I would hold my hand up asking him " blessing Pa?" and papa would kiss it saying: "God bless you ,my love", and I would kiss his.
Again, here I am looking for new grounds .I am not sure yet where I am going... I feel that I need to draw , draw and draw as much as I can... you know what I mean.... between endless interruptions but again, I can not complain because I have learned to manage things like that and after all I am momma of 7 children.*grin*
I am struggling with many things.... more simple or define lines... soft pastel or vibrant colors... focus subjects or many details... what am I good ? Is that in me a natural way or a matter of practice... questions and questions.
I have decided that I need the most is too relax. Yesterday I rode a bike to the barns.... that would have been lovely but I would not dare allow anyone to take a picture of me because the bike I used was my 8 years old son and boy didn't I look clumsy .... not to mentioned that by the time I reached one of the barns I was about to fall apart. the pedal and the ground was so close , I soon jumped out of the bike and walk aside it.That made me think that I need to ride bike more often... well, not a tiny one.*grin*
Yesterday evening , Mark and I sat under the grape vines. The weather was perfect. It felt like a autumn day. The sun setting behind the tall trees and the cows and sheep silhouettes were such enjoyable scene. I felt like a queen curled up in a lovely metal chair with a soft red cushion, looking up to see the almost-ready-t0-eat grapes , hanging down so tempting....grin.
It is almost 11pm, I must go to bed now. I am looking forward to tomorrow as I know I will be getting a early birthday gift that i have been wanting for so long. I will *show* you as soon as I am able.
good nite~*smiles*
ps. You may click on the picture to view enlarged.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat
What beautiful memories you have shared.. I think your watercolors are beautiful.. I would not change your style, you have managed to find a balance with color and detail that is really you!
Sweet dreams my friend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA!!! YOUR BIRTHDAY?????WHEN? WHAT? Dear, dear friend, I wish you the most wonderful birthday my sweet! Oh it seems like forever since I mailed you something....let's see...what and when can I send you....oh yes, that scene you describe with the cows and the sheep...yes dear, sit back and enjoy it for you have earned every inch and width of that beautiful scene that you ALL have created. And blessings? You are abundant in those. Your parents sound like the best ever and no wonder you are who you are. Oh sweet demands so much from us because we are laying our souls on the line in public. What a wonderful journey however, to think, rethink and "publish" our art, but it comes with much pain and progress. I drew a quick sketch on Nowhere, but my rats are under-developed, I know. It does take so much time to establish a look that we are happy with. You will do it, I know it. Just keep following that calling.


Patricia Cabrera said...

Nita my birthday is not until the 12th of this month.... I meant a 8early* present. Yes, yes, Lots of practice!! i will go to Nowhere now and send you a note!!!:-)

Penny, sweet Penny, (((( Thank you ))) so much for your kind words!!!:-)P.

The Dutchess said...

Dearest friend..what a beautiful post. One from the heart..and that's the place where all is strenght ,your believe and you talent..The mind is a strange can make one wander and follow paths where one can get seriously lost. Listen to that little voice that speaks from you heart..and you will be fine!

happy day

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dearest T.D,thank you kindly for your note... you are right about it and it made me thing too.
Ps. I tried to leabve you a note and it wouldn't take it...sad grin... I shall persevere!*grin*

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, I loved reading this post, I could almost feel the autumn like breeze, and smell the familiar country air under the grapevines. I remember fondly as a child that a pat on the top of my head from my grandfather was really something! He was a man of few words, but always watched the children as we would play. If he gave you a word, or a pat on the head, it made you feel very special, knowing for that moment, you had done something that brought him joy, and made him proud. Funny how little things like that creep up in my memory as I get older, but I can't always remember where I put things 5 minutes ago! Hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July Pat. Your painting technique is splendid, I would not change it purposely Pat, it will evolve with time, and perhaps you will be better satisfied with what you see. I always love the drawings, I can spot a Patricia Cabrera in a second..that to me is style. XOXO Love, Christel

Patricia Cabrera said...

Oh My goodness Christel, you surely have this *way* to move me to tears... and I mean in the most profound aspect(good one ,grin). Thank you deeply for your words... it was not a comment... so much meaning to me.
I *know* exactly what you meant about your grandpa. I feel the same as you do , including the forgetfulness, grin, but again,the little things in life seems to mean more later in life , is it not? Less is more in many ways.
I think about these things as I raise my own children . Often I get frustrated with my self because I thing my middle name is * repetition*,grin, I can see in my children's eyes when I am disciplining them and it is very discouraging however ; I also remember my grand-mother ( momma side ) when I was a child and she would call the Proverbs or Psalms on us ( my siblings and I)any time we were in trouble . I remember that I did not like it and many times I would try not to hear it but little did I know that I was listening with my heart. My gramma never learned to read but she was so eager in memorizing the word of God .... It was amazing. She was amazing, she past way 4 years ago at age 97 . She died peacefully while sleeping. Momma told me that she has swept the entire house, made coffee and lay to take a nap and never woke up.
I so appreciate your words about my paintings because I am most definitely *searching* for my own style and not sure yet if I have one or not. I guess because illustrations has always been so important to me, comments means a lot and let me tell you, *PLEASE* don't ever be afraid to honest critic me because I truly believe that I truth said with love no matter how painful it can be ,is better than a sweet lie!*grin*

I will be doing cook out this afternoon, as for now, I am happily painting!!!

Have a delightful day, Christel!*grin*

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Tita dearest! Thank you for visiting us in Nowhere, where you live as well! Racoon will be in charge of the lighting....and he must be very skilled in order to capture everyone's good side!!!! We are nuts out there, aren't we? But we wouldn't have it any other be an artist is to PUSH THE ENVELOPE, non?


Christel Hutson said...

Pat, I had to come back and leave another message after reading your lovely response! I still have chills. It seems we are alike in many way. My grandmother (mommas side) past away severl years ago while in her rocking chair, her bible on her lap, her rosary beads around her left hand, and her afternoon coffee cup still half full on the side table next to her chair. She was 89 years old, had bore 7 children and was a farmers wife.She went so peacefully, a well deserved passing, She was always a very hard working, honest woman, who included God, and Jesus Christ in everything she did, in everything she taught, and I think she was rewarded by a place in heaven.Many times I have known that things I now converse with my grandchildren about came through my Grandma Callie, and not my mother. My mother was so very busy just trying to help make ends meet, and raise her 7 children she had little time for much else. I saw in later years, my mother tell my children things, such as I do my grandchildren. I hope I never lose those memories, blackberry picking with Grandma, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, cleaning the horse stalls in the barn, swimming in the creek after helping bail hay on a very hot day..all glorious things from my past. I hope you and I can share more moments from our memories. Love, Christel

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