Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christmas Mouse Illlustration

Ahhh.... do you LOVE little mice illustrations??*grin*
I worked in this illustration over this summer. This is a special picture to me. Not necessarily for my rendition but for the fact that most of the items in this mousy home was suggested by my children. I challenged each one of them with the question; " what would you steal if you were a mouse?" and this picture has their answer. I thought it was clever and I just LOVED to draw and paint it! *grin*
I have this picture professionally transferred into decal and soon I will be transferring it to my pottery. I choose a close up rather then the whole picture because it will be in cups and tea pots. I do plan to have few extras and I will list on my little etsy store .
I love to draw people , especially children but Foxes and mice have a special spot in my heart! *grin*


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, how special! The childrens input makes this a priceless masterpiece! I am sure you feel the same way! I have the very first self portrait my eldest grandson ever drew, at 4, and his signature. I created an iron on transfer from it, and turned it into a pillow for my bed. He now thinks it is silly,( you know, he's 12, and all grown up ) haha but to me, it is a treasure! xoxo Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita ma belle,

Every little detail here is ENCHANTMENT...the large timepiece above the doorway, the mouse sleeping in a teacup, the thyme can, the BEAMS!!!! Leave it to CHILDREN to suggest such whimsey, and leave it to YOU to be able to capture it with all the skill and precision that you possess. Just lovely my dear...and your watercolouring is spectacular. You have it....keep doing it my dear!!! Nita

David Lounsberry said...

I just stumbled upon this because I wrote a poem about Christmas and mice and I wanted an illustration that captured the feeling of my poem. I love it!

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