Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jacob Sheep Fleece for sale

Hi to my readers and spinning group!*grin*

I have decided to post the pictures of the jacob fleece here to save time in emailing it. There are 2 pictures from each bag. One shows the bag and the other the staple showing its sizes. The very large bags have 2 to 3 fleeces in it. These fleeces were shorn by a professional sheer man . He also skirted the fleeces. NO belly wool.

My sheep is kept in a weed-free pasture as I also keep goats and they take care of the weeds for us.*grin*

I use my wool to make miniature animals, spin and make yarns . Although JS fleece are know for not been so soft, you will be amazing how soft my fleeces are and perhaps is because we hand feed the sheep.

These wool are gorgeous. It is fairly easy to wash. I say fairly easy, IF you have washed other fleece before you will love JS. The reason is because most fleeces have A LOT of lanolin and it takes MANY , I mean MANY washes to get rid of it. JS does not have a lot of lanolin so it is much easier to wash. I do this in my washer with *joy* soap, and hot boiling water. I will be happy to help you with information if you are a novice.

Lastly, if you want to read more about jacob sheep, please visit my farm website at and email me at

Thank you!!

Ps. First come first served. I will list sold when it is no longer available. :-)

Shipping: It is probably best to have it shipped by USP. You will pay actual shipping.the weight listed is without packing just for the fleece so expect more because of the box weight.

Price listed is per pound. Notice that I am selling way below the price that most people ask. These are extra fleeces and that I can process self and is way more than I need, I want to give others a chance to be blessed. I am selling for a price to cover my shearing cost and some feed.

This is a huge fleece because this ewe was not shorn last year! I am so glad we caught her this year!!!:-)
#1- 11" staple - 17 lbs ( $ 3lb )

#2 - 5" staple , 11lbs ( $3lb)


#3 - 3-4" staple , 10 lbs ($

# 4 - 6" staple - 11lbs ( $

#5 - 4 " staple - 4lbs ( $4 lbs)

# 6 - 4" staple - 6 lbs ( $4.lbs)

#7 - 5" staple - 11lbs ( $3.lbs)

#8 - 5 " staple- 5 lbs- available ( $4.lbs)

#9 - 3" staple - 12lbs - available ( $3.lbs)

#10 - 5" staple - 5 lbs. available ($ 4lbs)

#11 - 3" staple , 6 lbs, available ( $4lbs)

#12 - 3" staple , 3 lbs, available ($5 lbs)

#13 - 5 " staple, 20lbs, available ( $3 lbs)

#14 - 3" staple,6 lbs , available ($4lbs)


Christel Hutson said...

my sweet friend, please stop by my blog when you have a minute, I have something for you! love, Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my dear one! I am impressed and totally out of my element as I watch and listen to the specialized language of this most impressive skill and genre of your art!!! The things that you know and do are mind-boggling but SO BEAUTIFUL! And to think that I have several of your works.....YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!! Have a wonderful week! Anita

Dian said...

I would like to purchase a fleece but I can not figure out how to do that on the web site. Please email me back and let me know how to do that.

Soda Cracker said...

I love your site and all that you are creating. I found it looking for some Jacob fleece. Do you still have any available, or expect to this spring? Thanks.
Your verses and comments were a blessing!

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