Sunday, November 14, 2010

My new cozy kitchen!!!:-)

((( You may double click on each picture , if you would like to see enlarged)))
After 3 months of renovations, we finally finished our kitchen.
When we first moved to our farm almost 9 years ago, our kitchen, living room ,and dinning room was way too small for a family of 9 plus all sorts of others that are always here *grin*. Since then , we have added a wonderful addition that is now our living room in which allowed us to expand our kitchen with the dinning room, however, I was *dreaming* to make the increase even larger so we could have more space not only for ourselves but also have friends and church family over more often.
Yesterday , I was able to lit my stove and heat up water for hot chocolate. The entire kitchen was so very warm and cozy, grin! Praise be to God , whom all blessing are from!
Our large table is 9ft long. It is about 120 years old.It is simple but sturdy.

These are the stoves that I cook everyday. they are both from 1920's. The left is a wood stove and the right is a gas stove.

Since we first moved here, I dreamt about having a window that faces my barn and the pond . Yes, I had this large doors that brings light but a window over the sink is something that I love deeply... don't know why...grin

I collect tin cans as you can see,grin, the green cabinet has its original stamp and is marked 1889. I keep my cups there.

Can you see my barn???*smiles*

I left for last to show you one of my pets that I just adore..... please meet **Loro**... my companion Amazon bird. He is so sweet and his favorite thing in this world is to be with me. He loves the children but he does not like Mark. Well, I think he IS a LOT like Mark in many ways!!!*grin*

I will leave you with a page from my sketch book. I did this ths morning at church . I already have the idea in my head of what the next illustration will be , but I still need to work on the children's faces after all, faces are very important.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11


Christel Hutson said...

wow what a big change from the pictures you had sent me!!! The house is fantastic..the 9ft long table will bring many many wonderful memories with you and Mark, and your children there! I love the antique stoves, the deep sink, the table, the little cup cupboard..It's beautiful Pat! and Loro..well, what a handsome fellow he is..and he's such a beautiful green! I am so very happy your kitchen is, you sit, and have a cup of tea..and just enjoy it! Love You always my sweet friend, Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita my sweet,

I am so sorry to be late; I woke up late this morning very sick. I have laryngitis and I cannot even speak now. I emailed you earlier and I didn't feel as bad, but now I am really sneezing so much and losing my voice completely!!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW SPACE! THREE MONTHS, HUH? Hmmmmmm, my building has come to a halt. They are waiting for the wood to come in from being ordered so that they can start framing, so rather than having a structure by Thanksgiving next week, I am guessing we won't see any progress until after the holidays. But I am fine with that. LORO IS WAY CUTE. He is jealous I bet, of Mark! teeeeheee, I love parrots.

Precious one, enjoy your new space. And your illustrations are magical. I am staying home tomorrow to hopefully catch up on my drawings!

Love to you dearest, Nita

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Pat,
I can see why so many love you. It is such a delight to peek into your home and into your life. I wish I could peek into the barn!

Your life is full of charm and I think it's because you are doing what you love and have such a big wonderful church and family surrounding you.

I love the Lord too, with all that is within me...I'm praising him, I found you.

Your Fairyland Friend,

Jeri Landers said...

Patricia, I just LOVE this kitchen, and the SINK and the farm table! This is definitely my cup of tea, Wonderful place. And you really do cook on a woodstove, that in itself is amazing. We found a wonderful farm sink like yours recently and will hopefully put it in this winter. May you bake may biscuits and enjoy many happy hours in your new kitchen!

cuisle west said...

I've spent over an hour idling time away on this most wonderful, now discovered other blog, and may spend another dreaming about your blissful lifestyle. Seven children! However do you manage to keep up and still have the time to do your marvelous miniatures, illustrations and run a farm? Now I'm feeling a bit lazy, and had better get up and do a few things around here before I fall into a heap of envy! May your blessings be as bountiful as the blades of grass growing!

KC-Design said...

Oh my God!! What a beautiful kitchen!!
I love the barn, the kitchen, the sink....ahhhh...I love it all!!! Also
Loro, he is such beautiful!!


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