Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Special gift to 10 girls and a Coach

About 2 months ago , I started working on a little book that I title * Ten Stars*. This is almost a handmade book except that was professionally printed. This is not the big project that I spoke few weeks ago but again, it was *big* for me because the style was much different than the one that I normally do.
As an artist , the sky is truly my limit. I love the challenges although sometimes I ask my self ; " what was I thinking???", grin. These illustrations felt like that for the first few girls that I draw and painted because I wanted each one to be more like a portrait and yet , with a little of the magical feeling that I so love. I am definitely NOT a portrait artist!

Here they are. All the books now are ready and waiting for the right time so Becca ( my daughter ) can give to her 9 team mates.
Kate my second daughter , wrote the poems about each girl. I sent her enough information for her to write the poems. At the end, I am very pleased and I hope the girls will LOVE it.

Becca plays at MUFC, for Charlotte -NC. Based on the response to my last post ( A GIVEAWAY) , I can see that not many people comes around here, * sad Pat* grin, so I am doubting that any of the parents are reading this. This is meant to be a surprise for Christmas!*grin*

Here you can see one the first page. This is Taylor, a sweet girl that plays forward. I did all the forwards first then....

....Then mid-field, my Becca,grin. What a blast I have in seen these girls playing!

Last page was for the only man on the book. Our beloved coach Ben! Yeap! He has the hearts of 10 stars, that is for sure!*smiles*
ps. you may click on pictures to see enlarged!


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, what a wonderful gift for Beccas teamates and friends! With your illustartions, and Kates poems, these books will surely be treasured by each of the girls. Such a nice thing for you to do! Once again, another reason why we all love you so dearly. XOXOX Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU are amazing; and I hope that each girl appreciates what you and Becca have done. I made a book for a colleague's birthday and she barely said thank you. Oh well, you win some and you don't win some, but this is truly a work of love and may each child receive it in LOVE! BRAVO TO YOU AND BECCA ma belle! Are you getting the meats prepared and the house ready? HAVE FUNNNNNNNN! Nita

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