Friday, December 7, 2012


It have been 15 years since last time I went to Brazil.... it was 30 years since I visit my mom's town and  saw extended relatives....okay... I was a little kid then!:)

 I first spent just one day in Salvador Bahia, then i flew in a small airplane to Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia. I spent 4 days there ( not enough time, that is for sure) and when i got back I was with my dad for 6 days.

He took me to eat on the street.... you can see me on first picture  and my dad is on the right side.

 Here is when I got  back.... this day we went to Itapoa.... and enjoyed the beach.

 I walked  with dad late afternoons  on the beach sidewalks... ahhh old times...  how wonderful to feel the ocean breeze...

 we went to "Praia do Forte"  you can click the link and read up about the centenaries turtles as they come every year and lay their eggs on the beach. I remember when the ITAMAR project started 20 years ago and how happy i was to see that they have grown and save all the beautiful and enormous sea turtles...

The skies in Brazil is  something I will never forget...

Farol da barra.... another beautiful spot to stop much history!!

 i got tan.... can you tell??grin

                         This is now in my moms town.... this is the entrance of my aunts home. it is in town but still  holds the 'country" feeling that i love.
 the kitchen door was open and the chicens were there ....
 as mom took me to a drive, we stop in a more poor area... this little boy was taking his  horse  to do a job!:)
 my mom's farm... the tree is an old jaqueira I love LOVE the fruit!

 Mom has 13 dairy cows and 2 bulls. the cows are milked by hand twice a day. the milkman ties the cows legs.... how funny to me.... Hershey , my milking cow, opens her legs wide when i milk her....grin
 then he squads with a bucket between his legs and start to milk one at a time.

 my moms donkey.... can you tell how sweet he is?grin

 this is such a pretty picture

 the barn
 going to the barn
 moms cows... this picture is like a post card to me.... i soooo love cows!!!!
 mom and i

 the bull  ,big but calm

 moms country house
     we going down to the valley

I was so very blessed to have the opportunity to do this trip. God is a gracious God!
I missed my family so much  but i waited too long . 
 i hope you enjoyed the pictures . Now you can see my roots!:)


Lisa Marie said...

How beautiful. Family is everything.

Drora's minimundo said...

It must have been very hard for you and for your parents to part for so long. Also when I think of your children missing their grandparents...Young grandparents...
Brazil is glorious. Thanks for sharing your photos.
Hugs, Drora

miniacollection said...

Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them, I enjoyed discovering where you come from.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

What a nice thing to be able to see the Home Country! I love the animals and everyone's happy faces.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OH THIS IS WHAT I WAS HOPING TO SEE and you delivered!

I can literally feel the warmth of the climate and get a whiff of the wonderful barn scents!!! You must have had a glorious time with your parents! You look fantastic, you probably needed this time off so badly, and now I wish you a Christmas full of PEACE. My dear, thank you for visiting me and I so would love to talk to you again one day.


Christel said...

Oh Pat, you look so wonderful, like a fresh breath of air was given to you. I am so happy you were able to go "home" where your roots are, and where you, first became you. 30 years is way too long, but at least you were able to make the trip! I wish only wonderful things for you my precious friend. You are so truly gifted, in so many ways. Merry Christmas to you, and your family. I love you my friend. Christel

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