Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making tea , like momma did.

Greetings to all ~
I live a very busy life but it is full of simple and relaxing pleasures. Coming from a humble beginnings , has also been a blessing for me. I take joy and many forms of things that I do but also that others do too. I love to learn new things.
My momma made many natural remedies and most of them work wonderfully. I was very ill as a child and I think if I had all the medications that most people use , today I would be suffering.
One of the simple things we always had - no matter what or where we lived - was a herb garden.

Momma used to say, " if you have to live in the city make sure you have some pots with herbs by your window". I live here in this farm for the past 9 years and before that we live in Homestead ,FL .We had a small avocado grove and yes, plenty room for a garden.

This is one of my herb garden. I have here cilantro, parsley, thyme, savory, rhubarb, sage, mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender , basil , chamomile and lemon balm.
I have other herbs on other areas too. Herbs are fairly easy to grown and they don't need much of weeding ,*if* one mulch it well.

Gabriella , my middle child, is picking some lemon balm... you can see that we have *helpers* ! *grin* .... it smells divine!

One can dried this lovely leaves by leaving it in a basket for a week or so. The herb when is dried develops a more intensive flavor but you can make tea with fresh leaves too. I like to blend it with mint and chamomile.

Just heat your *cold* water to a boiling point! *grin*

Now, here is the secret: Gabby is holding my filter. This is how momma made coffee and tea. It is a funnel made from broadcloth. I have many of these , one for each purpose. I have been turning pottery lately and made a point to turn some handles to insert where Gabby is holding. When they are ready, I will post some pictures here.

oh ... now I am ready to enjoy a lovely cup of fresh tea just sweeten enough with honey from the bees harvested from my eldest daughter, Sthefanie,grin, and enjoy the physical and ( much needed) spiritual rest the I find in word of God and in His day !
May His goodness be with you. Thank you so much for coming and sharing this *tea* with me.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a lovely life you lead, Patricia. There is nothing more wonderful than to grow your own food, enjoy nature and your family and learn from God. You are truly blessed. My momma used to grow yerba buena for my tummy when I was sick. It did the trick! Ciao for now, Anita

Rose said...

The girls and I here at our old farm love tea too! We have wild chamomile growing in the late summer and we dry it for tea. Someday we hope to have an herb garden as beautiful as yours! Perhaps we will make tea the old fashioned way just as Gabby is doing...looks like it tastes yummy...
love, Rosa

Patricia Cabrera said...

My dear friends Anita and Rosa~ Thank you for visit me.So nice of you....*grin*
Anita , the BEST thing for tummy ache is fennel tea, and it is delicious, I promise!

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