Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Musician Mouse

Some of you that knows me , thinks , based on what I have said in the past that my first art was oil paintings. Honestly it was not , because the first time I used oils , I was about 8 years old. You would *think* now, because I am sharing my latest drawing that it was drawing- no, not that either!

I am sure I drew a lot of pictures but what sticks to my mind (as far as memories) is sculpting.

I remember vividly one day , I think I was in kindergarten , but it may have been first grade, when the teacher called my momma and told her that I was a problem . My heart was beating and I couldn't remember if I had done something wrong . Well, momma came home with her hands full of little soldiers that I had sculpted from chalk. I remember that the tool I used was the lid from a pen. There were 23 of them. The teacher told my momma that I was not paying any attention to the class and now she knew why.Opps!

Momma was not happy about that but it was not long after that she let me do arts.

I don't ever remember doing much of drawings. I have always been afraid to try it... I don't know why. I have done many , many oil paintings... so many that my walls does not have any space left, grin, but I never draw before I paint , it comes from the brush. I do need some guide and my best work will be if I use a picture rather than the real scene because the lights and darks are determined. I believe the artist improves as its eyes improves. I often need to leave what I am working on and do something else so I can truly be refreshed . If only work with one medium, you would be seen much less work from me.*grin*

Anyhow , I faced my fears and worked on few drawings. When ever I finish something I look and I just about always not sure if I like it or not, or it should be changed or not , so my way to know is I start showing to the children and watch their first response. The body language tells me a lot and I have to be careful because my children tends to *love* everything I do, however Gabriella is very honest about her feelings so I normally show her first.*grin*
This little fellow received all the " ohhh, awww, so cute, I love it " comments !
I hid him from my eyes for few days and today I picked him up and looked and fell in love... what do you think? ( I would love to hear from you)
Now I wonder if I should paint him or not! Decision, decisions!*smiles*


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour sweet Patricia! You are such a soothing gift from God. Your drawings are sweet as His love. You and I must share art; I draw as well. Come by and see my crowns; I am participating in a "Show me your crown" event today. Don't miss all the other queens who are in on it! I have quite a collection of creatures that love crowns. Perhaps your musician mouse could wear a little diadem! Bisous, Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Anita~ You are so faithful *thank you*!! *grin*
I took a look at the other site on Monday but I shall visit you now.It is funny that you mentioned about a crown , I am drawing another one and I thought to give him a top hat but perhaps a crown will be more!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Patricia, Yes, please give your mouse a crown! Animals with crowns are another husband laughs but has been sucked into my world and loves it. He says "Everyone around here is a king or a queen!" Thank you for your sweet comments. I really do want to find out from you if you sell the wooley rabbits that you have on one of your posts. My husband just fell in love with them! Keep on creating beauty! Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Okay , I will try !!!!!!*grin*
Anita , I have to etsy stores, one is woolytales in which I sell my farm products and woolies and the other is patitadolls, where I have my first BJD for sale. Take a look there , when time allows you, grin, the bunny you mentioned is listed there!Warm hugs.

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