Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sugar, the different goat.

I have a story to tell and I plan to get on tape because it is so, so *sweet*.*grin*
Few weeks ago one of our goats had twins and the babies died. The next day a baby goat was born and her mother died. Yes, is sad and unfortunately it does happens.We brought the mother ( that lost the babies) and the baby goat ( that lost it's mother ) and placed both of them in the barn. I didn't expect that they would serve each other needs as I know goats do not tend to do that but , I had to try it because one *never* knows what may happen...oh... speaking of that , I will tell you in a minute what it DID happen.
Any ways , I couldn't milk the mother goat immediately because her udder needed treatment. I knew the baby had some colostrum before her momma died ,but she was hungry.I used some of my unpasteurized milk that I had saved apart to bottle feed Hershey's ( my dairy cow) babies and gave it to Sugar. Oh yes, that is her name.Ben , my youngest named her that.

Well, I feed Sugar some cow's milk and to my surprise she loved it. Next day , I was able to milk the goat but something strange happened.

Sugar didn't want to drink the milk. I immediately thought that she was not doing well because she had the cows milk , after all she was only 4 days old.

But Sugar was fine although feeding her became a hard thing to do and the children were now complaining about it.

The Momma goat that I milked is not a milking goat and she was not easy to milk.So I decide to give sugar cow's milk again. Sugar was hardly drinking 1/3 of the bottle per feed and I was concern ... that changed when I gave her Hershey's sweet milk again!*grin*

This tiny goat drank the milk as if it was ice cream!*grin* I then realised what happen! Once she tasted Hershey's milk she no longer settle for ordinary goat's milk.I don't blame her because I don't like GM either - only the cheese and soap , of course!*smiles*

But Hey, I did say I had some thing that I want to get on tape, didn't I?

Oh yes, yesterday evening I went to milk Hershey , Sugar came inside the milking parlor with me. Hershey is such a sweet cow and she is never bother but anything or anyone. Well, I had just finished milking her when got up to place my bucket way on a small table that I have there, I turned around and saw the most amazing thing ! Sugar was nursing from Hershey! She was standing on top of my stool ! I stood still for few minutes and saw Hershey turn her had and sniff on the baby goat, then turned back to her eating pail.

Can you believe that?*grin*

Now, I have to get on tape. I have, by the way, one little video that I was planning to upload today but for some reason I am not able to. When Kevin, my son, comes home later on, I will ask him to convert the film. It will show some of my children, our animals ( even a skunk ) , and me milking Hershey. We recorded few weeks ago and I have been wanting to upload here.

I will leave you now wishing you a happy day. Mine is a blessed one. I love to sing , "this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it" ....May yours be blessed in Christ as well!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Patricia,

I LOVE YOUR GOATS! What a fun woman you must be! Thanks for coming to visit me today; you must join in on the crown fun, even if you just browse and stroll through. We would love to have you...bisous, Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thnaks dear Anita! I am planing on it!Grin!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear Patricia,

I had company just walk in yesterday when I was in your blog; I was not able to READ it, only look at Sugar's pictures. I am so moved by the miracles you encountered on your precious farm. Isn't nature interesting? God is great and loves His creatures. You must blog one day on how you ended up on a farm. Please stay in touch, you are truly remarkable my dearest and my Jesus bless your day! Anita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dearest Anita~ I agree with you. I had many experiences in which the Lord provided incredible answers and I feel so blessed by it.
Sugar is a *sweet* little goat ,grin, and I think I favor her now .Grin, grin.
Please visit me again, my son is looking up the video we just made last week .I love to hear from you.
May the Lord bless you on His day, warm hugs,smiles~P.

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