Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Homemade Bread!

This past week , My family and I had to deal with a lot of things that were not pleasant. In one of our 4 barns , we had a terrible problem that required every one's help. It is all taken cared now and to be honest with you , I don't even want to remember anymore however; that was a wonderful way that God brought me to prayers and thanks given.
Today was the first day since these past events that I felt more relaxed. Becca, fetched some fresh herbs from the garden and I am now slowly cooking a wonderful chicken in a iron pot and on my old , old stove.
She has also learned how to cut green ( collard ) like my mum. It is so fine ...almost shredded. It took her over one hour to cut about 20 leaves. Tonight I will be fixing it with garlic, olive oil, red wine, vinegar and turkey is the best!*grin*
My greens are not over cooked like most people do... they are more like stir-fried and it is a success in my home. Becca call it -*seaweed*.*grin*

I also baked whole bread.... some sweet bread too.... raisin bread.
I about to cut a slice and have with tea but first I thought of you and perhaps you too needed today to be reminded that life is good and God is always Gracious. Let's praise HIM!


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, yes, life is good, and God is all things. I agree completely! Oh how I would love to be a guest at your table! I can almost smell the sweet bread..mmmmm what a wonderful thought you have given me today. Thank you so very much for your help, I appreciate you taking the time for me. Have a great day Pat, and have your deserve a break. xoxo Christel

The Dutchess said...

Thank you ..I totaly agree..have a wonderful week dear friend and I hope the problems are over..:)))
Hugs from all of us T.D and Company.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Tita,

This is marvelous. To see your home, your hearth and what a is heart warming. AND THAT BREAD! That, is my downfall. I can eat that whole loaf if you let me, and it goes straight to the bottom!!!! BUT LIFE IS GOOD AND THANK GOD YOU ARE OUT OF THE WOODS! Thank you for sending me off. I will email you. Nita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat
I think I can smell that bread! What an inviting home you have.. I love your stove.. I hope all is well and you can take a breath and enjoy lifes little pleasures with your family..

Jeri Landers said...

Oh dear, I am sorry you had troubles in the barn... I know about those kind of troubles. But how good it is to be able to see past them and get on with life.
I used to cook on an old stove like this, until it caught fire! Yikes!!!! I am sure yours is in better shape than mine was. Ooh, pass some of that bread!

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