Monday, June 7, 2010

My decisions for this summer

Last week my husband took me to a fabric store named Mary Jo's. Ohhh, I was lost in dreams.... I love to sew , especially for my children.*grin*
I have not sew any dresses since last year .This summer I am committed to make the girls some new dresses . My biggest issue is time. Can you relate to me??*smiles*

I have intensively made miniatures and dolls since July last year and now I am thinking of taking a summer break . I do have few commissions to complete and few animals that are already made but I have been thinking about it ....

I wish I could it all , but as a mother , specially during summer time is just not fair to the children for me to spend so much time way. It does take a LOT of time , you know?*grin*

Anyhow.... I am not sure yet but I plan to paint this summer. I may even do some miniature oil paintings but I want to work with my water color.... I have s much to develop.

My oil painting has always been towards a more realistic aspect but I don't feel inclined to do the same with watercolor because I like the freedom that this medium offers plus I love the *imperfect* work when it is done in a tasty way.

In few days I will post some oil paints that I did and some early work from my children , starting age 4. these are my most precious treasures and I am looking forward to share with you....
Whenever I get some dresses done I will will do a post too. Although my girls enjoy old fashioned outfits they varies in style a LOT. You will see what I mean!*grin*

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonsoir ma belle, I had a bad time this morning trying to leave comments. Blogger was having technical difficulties, but HERE I AM! When you find a good fabric shop, it is dreamy, isn't it? I literally get chills up my arms!!! And then, I don't know which where to look first! I need to borrow my neighbor's sewing machine because I am going to make an organza harp dust cover and I am so excited. But like you, I have much to do with the watercolour magic! I ONLY HAVE FOUR DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL AND I WANT TO PAINT!!!! I love your sewing machine; my momma had one just like it that belonged to her momma. Have a pleasant time sewing ma belle. Much love, Nita

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