Thursday, June 10, 2010


I grow up with music been part of my life. My uncle , Elomar Figueira, ( you can look up him on google, just type his name ) is a well-know( Brazil and Europe) conductor , poet, writer of Medieval sonatas...
My fascination for classical music came at very young age and later on I follow my dream to be a professional classical ballerina however ; in all in all what has given me the greatest satisfaction is the music that comes from my children. *grin*
My Daughter kate is second oldest . kate is 17 years old and a very lovely godly young woman.Kate was self-taught in piano (including cello) and most of her own school. I used to say that kate was born like a *woman* because at age of 5 , she was so responsible that most of the time would scare me and her dad,grin. She has always been very independent too.
Homeschooling her was the easiest thing in the world because she would say to me , " mum, let me read first if I need your help I will ask you" ...and that hardly hap pend.After auditioning for the Prestige Frost School of Music ( Miami University, Miami- Fl ) Kate was accepted and will start her studies in Music Composition in this upcoming Fall.Kate goals are firstly to glorify God in all aspect of her life through her music and life. She is preparing for the wonders ahead of her in which includes been a homemaker and have a family.
There is so much that I could say about my lovely daughter but I will leave you with this drawing that I recently finished.I was inspired by Kate and Becca ( my youngest daughter) in which also plays the piano. This was an early scene in our lives but still present today...almost everyday.*grin*
The illustration was done with pen and ink in a watercolor paper. When I first draw I was planning to watercolor but as I progressed I decide to use this medium. I was nervous about it because I have never use pen and ink alone and one needs to have a bold approach , if you know what I mean...*grin*The Lord has always been gracious to me, giving me way more than I deserve ... at many times , these thoughts moves me to tears.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita, your world is, unbelievable. Your work is an extension of your joy and gifts and this tribute to your uncle, daughters and the rest of your heritage is a blessing to see, and makes me grateful that I too, grew up with adults that played professionally, danced and inspired me to follow my passion to give joy to others. Your pen and ink drawing is magnificent, and I have to say is my favorite medium with which to work. You know me, MINIMALIST in drawing....few lines, pen and ink....c'est tout! LOVELY, WONDERFUL, AND MERCI MILLE FOIS!!! Nita

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