Friday, December 3, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas
By Patricia Cabrera

It was Christmas Eve, the most lovely day of the year.

In a farm house , up a stubby hill and around the bend of a glassy lake, there lived a little girl named Isabella and her family. They were simple folk, and Christmas was the time of the year that brought forth great expectations from the children. Much effort was involved in making this the time of year that could be remembered and cherished in years to come.

On Christmas Eves past ,Isabella would try to stay awake in order to glimpse a sight St. Nicholas, but never was she able to…

Isabella had once been told by her schoolmates that St. Nicholas was not real. This news distressed young Isabella greatly.

This Christmas Eve was better and more special than any other Christmastide past, young Isabella told her family. In order to be able to stay awake through the wee hours of early morning, Isabella declared that she would take a very long nap.

Her older brother Andrew was listening intently to Isabella. He remembered the years when Isabella cried because she would awaken in the morning and, though she saw her presents , was sad because she had once again missed St. Nicholas’ visit.

Isabella pulled her litter sister Juliana aside and eagerly shared the news with her: “ Tonight I will stay up, Ju, you wait and see. I will not fall asleep until I see St. Nicholas!” And with a grin on her face , Isabella hopped to the kitchen to help her momma wash the supper plates.

Isabella hopped to the family sitting room and kissed her momma and papa’s hands good night, asking for their blessings. “ Blessing ,Pa? asked Isabella sweetly. “God bless you my darling” , said her papa. Then Andrew helped her to move the small sofa near the fireplace where she plan to sit and wait.

Isabella’s Christmas tree was a beautiful and everyone enjoyed , but it was the tradition of the family’s for each member to set their slippers at the end of their beds near the foot boards. St. Nicholas would then know which shoes belonged to whom and there he would leave their presents.

Isabella set her pair of newly washed slippers and looked at the fire brewing in the hearth and thought to herself, “I am not tired…. I am not tired at all.”

The little girl kept repeating the same words over and over and soon fell into a deep, sweet slumber.

It was still dark when Isabella jumped up feeling a cold sensation on her stomach. She looked to see if there were any presents where she had placed her slippers, and with dismay noticed two wrapped gifts. One large and one small.

All of the sudden, Isabella heard a loud noise from the kitchen and she yelped in surprise

Andrew came running from the kitchen in a hurried pace and asked Isabella, “You did see him, didn’t you?” Isabella wished she could say yes but she murmured with a sad face, “No, perhaps he is not real after all.”Her big brother grinned and replied, “Oh, don’t be silly ,Isabella. Of course he is real. Do you remember few minutes ago when you heard the loud noise? That was St. Nicholas leaving… I saw him.” Isabella’s face lit up. Juliana, who had walked in just a few minutes before with her eyes half shut, held up her teddy bear blanket in an offering , so that Isabella could dry her tears. “Did you REALLY see him?” asked Juliana anxiously to Andrew. He quickly hurried, “Yes, and he told me to tell you that next year he will try to meet you”.

Normally, these three children would run and open their presents as soon as morning came, but it was still early , and the only source of light was a little glow in the fireplace. All three children snuggled on the sofa and happily waited for the morning sun. This is a merry Christmas, indeed, dreamt Isabella, and in the near distance, a faint tinkling of bells could be heard above the wind.

May you have a blessed Christmas!! *grin*


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Love your watercolors, and such a beautiful story.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TIta....this is remarkable. There is so much emotion here, and I seem to recall you telling me a little about this story, non? AND PLEASE, THAT LAST PICTURE WITH THE BLUE SHADOW....may I, may I please use that to link you? THAT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OF ALL. All the renderings are smashing, but this one has so much depth because of that shadow casting....this is so beautiful. .


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