Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special *Shadow Show* at NoWhere!!!

Do you have any plans for Dec 18 at 7:00pm? Oh please make some changes and come to a spectacular Shadow Show at NOWHERE! Admission is FREE !!! Click Here to enjoy a show that you will always remember and make sure you invite your friends and children too to have a wonderful time!!!
Tag ornament lovingly made by Anita
Have you been at the castles crowns cottages before? If you haven't yet, you *must* !
Anita is the writer/artist behind this blog and sorts of others . She is amazing and her post will blow your mind way. She is a French teacher with a very refined taste for beautiful things. Her pictures and writings will make you dream and on top of all this , she is an amazing Christian lady! I can go on and on about her but I rather you to see for your self. I promise you that this is a blog like no other and it will make your heart smile every time you visit her and (((please))) don't be a stranger.... let her know your thoughts, like me and most of us in blog land, She'll LOVE your comments!!!!*grin*

I will be sitting hopefully ((( front row))) at NoWhere and I am hoping to see you there too!!!


Jeri Landers said...

I will be there with all my little rabbit friends! We will have our popcorn and hot chocolate and just sit back and enjoy as I am sure it will be a treat.
Anita is indeed a superb lady and her posts are "out of this world" gorgeous!

Christel Hutson said...

Oh Pat, save me a seat, right next to you! I will be there with bells on! And yes, I agree completely, Anita is wonderful, and her blog posts always make us dream like a child, and feel like a princess! You too, are wonderful. Love u! :) :) Christel

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Patricia, My favorite ballet is the Nutcracker. You were on my mind today. I was lost in my favorite old book shop and I came across this adorable old book called the Tin Kitchen. Then next to it was a puppet theater. When I saw this post I was in awe. Your theater is so much lovelier than the one I saw today.

I will surely stop by.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA!!!! Oh, look how much I missed by getting sick yesterday! YOUR WORDS AND PHOTOS ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME! THANK YOU for such a kind and loving tribute! Oooooo, I love your little theatre! DID YOU MAKE IT? And the tag, you hung it on your tree like I was hoping you would!!! THANK YOU, MERCI MILLE FOIS, MUCHAS GRACIAS my dear, dear sister! THis is such a kind thing to do! I am staying home today for I am still a bit sick, but I hope that I can work on the show.....I have been behind, but I think I will make it!


Jorgelina said...

My favorite ballet is the Nutcracker.

Anonymous said...

Grazie per l'invito, ci sarò.Sono a casa bloccata con la schiena, sicuramente mi farà bene vedere il tuo teatrino.Ciao Glori

Jeri Landers said...

Thank you for the movie information you sent me, it will actually be helpful. I can't wait to start my new venture in Film making!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to see the show but I don't know what will be the hour in Italy. What is the time zone? Hi, Glori

Victoria Sayer said...

G'day Pat.
Having just had a little looky at your blog, I totally agree with you about Anita's amazing 'Crown, Castles & Cottages'. She always takes my breath away with her special talent.
I will continue to watch what you create, through this blog of yours, as I have only known about the miniatures blog up until now.

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