Friday, December 10, 2010

what a blessed life!!!!

I have been spending most of my evenings by the fire.
The children specially enjoys to have their reading time sitting just as I am here or in one of my milking stools that I keep near my wood stove. Our entire kitchen is so cosy and smells diving....
Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you gave me today!!!!*grin*

I am just about done roasting these 2 birds on my copper kitchen. You have no idea what a TRUE roasted chicken tastes like until you try this.... ohhhh, it is delicious!!!! I marinated the birds with lemon and lots of herbs.....mmmm, I can't wait for supper.....*grin*

Although I have a desk in my room, I have been working near the fire. It feels so right and all comes to me like...... music! yes, Music!Harmony!
I have moved Hershey ( my dairy and very pregnant cow) to the pond pasture so I can see her with the sheep and feed her everyday. She is with a calf. Soon, I will be milking her again and making all kinds of goodies.... mmmm, I can not WAIT!

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh, Tita, you have called me into your world months and months ago with your friendship, and now, you have summoned me into that kitchen of yours with these lovely photos...many people complain about winter, but I have to say that it is a blessing from God, a time to STOP at least when I get home, to sit at my hearth and reflect and listen and enjoy these simple moments of life. I MARINATE MY CHICKEN IN LEMON TOO!!!! HEY! Have you ever, ever stuffed your bird with a whole lemon and then rub the bird with the herbs? TRY IT! IT IS UNBELIEVABLE TENDER!

We are having a HUGE snow storm today and I am staying in and that is that! I will be back by email my sweet one! ENJOY! Nita

Jeri Landers said...

I have seen these tin kitchens, but haven't a fireplace big enough to use one, besides, I am a lousy cook.
You look quite cozy and sweet by your fire, enjoy your painting and your view of the sheep and cows. I love watching my sheep from the window.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA!!! OOOOOOH! YOU are the princess my sweet of the post! YOU ARE ALL STARS!!! I have been making glittered star wands and well, you know that tickle you get in your stomach and joy in your heart when you make something.....I just love glitter since I was a baby!!! I am enjoying this GORGEOUS SNOW WE GOT, but is so cold that when I was outside working on my steps, my neighbor came by and his mustache was FROZEN!!! IT LOOKED LIKE ANTARTIC AT THAT MOMENT and all we needed was a polar bear to come past us!!!

Ahhh, I wish you a cozy time at your fire dearest; we are going out and Ruben is feeling better now. I think the cold ZAPPED whatever was in his nose! (he had a strange occurance last night that made us think he needed to go to emergency!)

Thank God for the cold!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, you are such a beautiful lady, inside You look just lovely there beside the fire, and the happiness shines from your eyes! The chickns look delicious..mmm I could almost smell them. I too feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends that God has lead me to here through the blogs. You, and Anita, Jackie, Penny, and Rose are those who come to mind first, although so many beautiful sould have reached out to enhance my life. I look forward to the new year, and all the beautiful souls I will meet. warmest hugs, With Love, Christel

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