Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fairy & Fireflies

Last post I talked about freedom. I truly feel more free now but I also feel that my art is changing as I am. I am glad I am because I want so badly to improve, and I don't mean to make it perfect but to grow to the direction that will please God.

My next post will be about the materials that I use and (((WHAT))) I have change in this area. I am discovering new techniques and ways to use it. This may be a interesting post for some of you that uses watercolors too.

I wanted to try something different and challenge my self. I absolutely *love* to draw and paint from reality with a twist of old fashion ; however I felt a need to come out of my shell and do something completely different.

This is how this little fairy child and the fireflies came to me.....*grin*

I have lots of new ideas and as an artist this is precious. There are many time that I get discourage with lack of inspiration but right now I am glad I am not there.*grin*

I had a lovely day today. Truly a blessed one. Our pastor preached about pride and I was humbled by it. The world that we live in teaches us about self-steem and to have pride but all this is against God's word. Pride separates man from God because it lead us to self boasting and not to give credit to God.
Pride refuses to look to God for help and also creates disregard to Him AND others.
Our culture feeds us with the "Gospel of self steem" and the bible tells that this is not a virtue.
We read about the arrogance and violence of Human Pride in Genesis 4 17-24.
In contrast of this is the humility of Christ in our Salvation. Philippians 2:4-11 , describes it so well.
So my dear reader and friends, I will leave you now wishing you a wonderful and blessed week ahead of you!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My darling and most lovely friend and sister, I TOO DEAREST am learning new techniques for my WRITING. That is why this summer is so important for me to stay home, READ and write to apply what I am learning. Hopefully, like you, my writing will ONLY IMPROVE and will change. Oh how wonderful to live in ORDER...meaning that we do need to LEARN HOW to do things...we cannot continue to just use our natural talents, but to CHANNEL THEM and use time-proven techniques used by the MASTERS. One day, we will be the masters to hand down our KNOWLEDGE and love for our art. BRAVO MON AMIE...JE T'AIME! Nita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I have been in the garden ALL DAY LONG and all three of them look spectacular! Ruben and I finally got some work done and we are enjoying it now. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME MY DEAR FRIEND! And thank you for your kind encouragement and complements. Today was so fun to be outside, but I really long now to sit by my water fountain and hear the PEACEFUL sounds and READ, WRITE and create. I do believe that this is the area that I need to concentrate on the most and it is such a liberating feeling to finally come to the conclusion that this is perhaps what I should focus on. I just want to communicate.

How are you? I am feeling so good having gotten so much warm sun and exercise outdoors. Now to relax...I hope you are doing the same. BLESSINGS TO YOU DEAREST, Nita

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