Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bunny Video

Ohhh , I had a lot of fun making this little video today but boy is so short. I have to try it again..... I used close to 20 pictures... can you believe it? Any way ,this set is ready , here is a picture.I will list them on ebay tonight or Tomorrow.
What do you think?


Joanna Thomas said...

Oh! That was sooo cute! I had to watch it several times because I loved it so much~ SO CREATIVE!

Patricia Cabrera said...

No, smiles, you must had watched several time to be able to *see* it. It is sooooo short ....I take off my hat for those in the cinema industry.... I could not keep the momma bunny feet still as it should have been. I surely will have to try again.smiles.

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