Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother's Day Bunny

Hi, I am here once again doing what I like to do the most- felt! Felting is a time consuming art but I love it so very much. Fairytales are my favorite. This bunny is part of a project that I have in mind. She is a working in progress. Right now she is tightly felted but she is missing some trimming and all her details. She will have a little girl bunny,I will be making a motion video , a *very* short one . I made a *tryout* with my fox, Silvano and I really liked it . I will be posting my progress here.


Joanna Thomas said...

I am so happy to find you here Patricia! I love your bunny! I can't wait to see what you do with her. I am so facinated with felting and not a clue how to do! You are so wonderful at it!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Joanna, I am thrilled that I found you today. Thanks to Rose ( bbflockling). I saw that you followed her than I found you.
Felting is what I like to do the most when it comes to art. If you try , you will be hooked too, grin, but your dolls are so marvelous, no one want you to stop that.... although I think if you try to make a little bear or bunny to go with your dolls, would be just amazing.Smile,Pat

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