Friday, May 8, 2009

Wee herbs....

If you take a leisurely stroll through a kingdom of green trees, blossoming flowers and spiced air,
you will find many busy forest-mice harvesting bundles and baskets of flowers and herbs.
Most mice-folk are fond of freshly plucked herbs to garnish their cheese and salads but many
are wise and swiftly hang their herbs to dry-usually in a knobby hollow of a tree or perhaps draped
against a large tree stump or boulder .In fact ,this is the most common way of drying herbs ( countless thousands of human-folk have passed through woods in the spring time and mistakenly believed bundles of herbs to be moss!) Such a thought…..
Rosemary is a particular favorite with forest- mice ( hence the many mice named so) as well as thyme, savory and sweet marjoram , to state a few.
For medicine tonics and balms, feverfew, and coltsfoot are among the easily recognizable in their glass jars upon the shelves. And we mustn’t forget tea time – Chamomile and Dandelion are often served in the afternoon . But perhaps the sweetest delight is not for our forest friends but for a human- folk. For the herbs that hang to dry throughout the spring give flavor to the air and life to the forest breeze. Perhaps in your next ramble through the woods, you will be able to detect the fragrances of the drying flowers and herbs and appreciate them as they were meant to be.

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Bone*Head*Studios said...

This is so sweet!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

*** Thank you so much Flora***

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