Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have been honored with this very special award by my dear friend and fellow artist, Joanna Thomas. Many have tried to describe the beauty of Joanna’s dolls by calling them haunting and beautiful. In my words, they are the most exquisite I’ve ever seen. Whenever Joanna makes a faerie tale, she reads the characters deeply, bringing the best of that character out in extraordinary beauty. Please visit her site- it will be an indulgence, I promise…
Thank you , Joanna, for giving me this award .

As a rule, this was the message that Joanna left me:

Patricia... I have left you an award on my blog because I am blessed and happy to call you my friend! I am so happy we met!

Although I have three blogs, I am still getting to know many other artists blogs. The three below are not only artists but friends to me. These awards are for you because:
Rose, you are a friend that most people only dream of having. I love the way you make me smile through your art and friendship. This award is for you.
Tracey, this award is for you because I am blessed to call you friend. You’re felted illustrations have encouraged me on my own journey. Thank you.
Dessa, I just met you, but I can sense your kindness. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.
Thank you for encouraging me through my blogs.


Dessa Rae said...

Dear Patricia,
Thank you so much for the wonderful award. I am new to blogging and this means a great deal to me.
Take care,
Dessa Rae

Patricia Cabrera said...

dessa,you are so welcome, smiles,P.

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