Friday, May 8, 2009


I just found out that ebay has cancelled and removed my auction that was going to end tomorrow. This has happen to me so many times this year, that is hard not to think that someone is out there just trying to get me out of business. I am the kind of person that believes the best of people and it is so hard for me to think that but this type of think took place in the past 2 months alone.
Two of the cancellations I had an eBayer representative email me and apologize because it was their fault but I never received my *high cost* listings fees back. The reason my listing was removed it was because I had my blog address there.... what about everyone else?
I am tired of this, I will be listing on etsy now on.


Joanna Thomas said...

This is so strange Patricia. I know eBay has rules that don't allow you to post links to anything in auctions that promote any item on your private site for sale.
You can however post your links in your ME page on eBay.
So sorry for your troubles here but I would stay after them if they owed me money!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you Joanna. Two months ago, ebay removed my listing saying that I listed something and stated the words "like new" on my listing. Firstly, I only list new items when it comes to me art, and after reviewing my listing I complained to them. Well, I received apologies but no refund for my listing fees.
I know many sellers that have their blogs listed on their listings.... I didn't have my etsy shop gadget here on my blog for that reason.I have it now , because I will try stay way from ebay. Bad things happens for our own good sometimes,grin, I will not worry about it anymore,thank you for your note, I appreciate so much.smiles, P.

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